11 August 1646 Will of Robert Pike of London (proved 13 November 1646)

The original will can be obtained online from The National Archives.

Source: TNA, PROB 11/198

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In the name of God Amen The eleaventh day of
August Anno Domini one thousand sixe hundred forty and sixe I Robert Pike Citty-
zen And Vintener of London being sick in bodie but of sound memory doe make
this my last will and Testament in manner following vizt Imprimis I will that
all such debts as I doe owe at my death be first satisfied and my funerall expenses
discharged And I doe will that all the residue of my goods and Chattells and
personall estate whatsoever whereof I shall dye possessed or interessed in
shalbe equally and indifferently valued and appraized and devided into
three equall parts according to the Custome of the Cittie of London One third
parte whereof I appoint unto my loving wife according to the Custome of the
sayd Citte, One other third parte thereof I give unto my children, That is to
say John Pike Joseph Pike Samuell Pike and Mary Pike to be equally devided
amongst them according to the sayd Custome Unto which Children before
named I have not given any porcons or preferments to barr them of their
Customary parts And the other third parte thereof I guve and dispose as
followeth First I give and bequeath unto my loving wife Thirty pounds of
lawfull money of England besides her Customary parte as aforesayd Item
I give unto Suzan the wife of my sonne Joseph Twenty pounds of like money
And to her Children Susan and Katherine five pounds a peece And to the
Child my sayd sonne Josephs wife now goeth with five pounds Item I give
unto my sayd daughter Mary All the rents yssues and profitts of all my
messuages or Tenements which I hold by lease of the Governors of the
hospitall of St Katherine nigh the Tower of London scituate neere from gate
in the precincte of St katherines during the Tearme of her naturall life
Onely shee paying the Rent and keeping the Covenants menconed in the
lease whereby I hold the same And after her decease I give the sayd Lease
and all my right and tytle in the sayd houses to my sayd sonnes John
Joseph and Samuell Pike to bee equally devided amongst them Item I give
unto my late servant Henry Chittey twentie shillings Item I give my
kinswoman Sarah living in Shoreditch Twenty shillings And I release
unto her all the money which she oweth me All the rest and residue of
my sayd third parte and personall state I give unto my sayd three
sonnes John Joseph and Samuell equally to be devided betwixt them But
because my sayd sonne John is not sufficient to mannage his owne estate
to his most advantage I doe Comitt the Care of the doeing thereof and
of what shallbee due to him to my sayd sonne Joseph not doubting but he
will bee carefull therein And I doe make my sayd sonne Joseph full and
sole Executor of this my will And I doe hereby revoke all former wills
by mee made Wittnes my hand and seale the day and yeare first above
written Robert Pike Sealed published and declared by the sayd Robert Pike
to bee his last will and testament in the presence of Fr: Gillock Richard
Kidwell The markes of Elizabeth Kidwell

Probatum fuit testamentum [this paragraph continues in Latin to grant probate at London
on 13 November 1646]
decimo tertio die Mensis Novembris Anno Domini Millesimo sexcentesimo quadragesimo sexto
[to] Josephi Pike filii naturalis et legitimi dicti defuncti et Executoris

[The following is written in the margin of the will:]

Vicesimo Tertio die mensis Julii
Anno Dni 1696 emt como Maria
Rocke vid nephex filio dict Robti
Pyke deft hentis &c ad adstrand
bona jura et cred dci deft juxta
Tenerem et effmm Testi ipsins
defit per Josephum Pyke filium
dci defti Extorem et ???? Legatorior
residuarior &c demortium inadstrata
de bene &c jurat Susanna Armitage
Sorore et Admtice bonor Thoma
Pyke defti dum vixit fily Extoris et
legatorii residuarii Testi dicti Josephi
Pyke deft Literis Admonis (?? ???
Testo annexo) bonor dci Roberti
Pyke deft (utprafectur inadstrator)
prius renunciante

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