25 December 1656 Will of Peter Pike of Tiverton, Devon, esquire (proved 24 January 1656)

The original will can be obtained online from The National Archives.

Source: TNA, PROB 11/261

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In the name of God Amen
the Five and Twentith Day of December int he Yeare of our
Lord according to the Computation of the Church of England One
Thousand six hundred fiftie and six I Peter Pike of Tiverton in
the Countie of Devon Esquire being weake of Bodie but of sound
minde and memorie praised be God for the same Doe make and
ordaine this my last Will and Testament in manner and forme 
following First I give and bequeath my Soule into the hands of
Almightie God my Creatour hopeing assurdlie through the mer=
=ritts and passion of my alone Saviour Jesus Christ to receave remis=
=sion of all my Sinns and an Eternall Inheritance in the Kingdome of heaven
And my Bodie I Commend and bequeath to Christian and decent buriall
Alsoe I give and bequeath to my Sonn Peter Pike one silver Tankard one
Silver Watch and my gold Signett Ring whereupon my Armes are ingraven
and a Colt and all other my Goods in Scotland (monies excepted) But my
will and meaning is and I doe hereby declare that if the said Peter Pike doe not
within the space of one whole yeare next after my decease pay or cause to be
paid unto my executors hereafter named the summe of Sixteene pounds 
of lawfull monie of England That then he the said Peter Pike shall have noe
part or portion of or benefitt by the Legacie before herein by me to him given and 
bequeathed Alsoe I doe give and bequeath unto my Daughter Priscilla Fryth
the Wife of John Fryth twentie shillings to be paid her within two yeares next
after my decease Alsoe I doe give and bequeath unto my Sonn Joseph Pike
all my wearing apparrell both Linning and woolling of all sorts whatsoever 
and my second best Bedstead and Feather bedd and boulster to the same
belonging with the blue rugge and blue Curtaines and Vallance Two downe
pillowes fower pillowties Three pare of my best Sheetes and two payre of my
second best blancketts one silver Dish and fower lowe plush Stooles with yellowe
one long Cupboard Cushon of Silke Three Tinning Dishes one greate one
and two of the middle sort of Dishes of Tynn one good Diaper board Cloth
and eight T???e Napkins of the same one Dowlis Tablecloth and six table
napkins my second best Truncke one Lowe Chest and my white Mare And 
all my Saddles Furniture holsters and pistols tot he same belonging and one
silver Tobaccoe Box and one silver Beard Brush and fower score pounds of 
Lawfull monie of England to be paid him in manner following That is to say
twentie pounds thereof immediatelie after my decease and the other Three
=score pounds out of the monie due to me for my service in Scotland Alsoe I give
and bequeath unto my Sonne Josias Pike Threescore and tenn pounds of like
lawfull money of England Alsoe I give and bequeath unto my Sonne Timothie
Pike Fower and Thirtie pounds of like lawfull monie of England Alsoe I give
and bequeath to Elizabeth my Wife one hundred poundes of Lawfull money
of England to be paid her in manner following (That is to Say) Threescore
pounds thereof immediately after my decease and thother fortie pounds out of
the monie due to me for my Service in Scotland and two she Asses and all
the rest and residue of my houshold goods utensills and ymplements of house
of what nature propertie or Qualitie soever and my plate and Lynning not 
formerlie by me given and bequeathed But my will and meaning is and
I doe hereby declare that all and everie the Summe and Summes of
monie before herein expressed by me given and bequeathed except the
Twentie pounds to my Sonne Joseph and the Threescore pounds to Elizabth
my Wife shall be respectivelie paid to each of my Legatees aforesaid onlie
out of the monie due to me for my said Service in Scotland by my
Executors hereafter named as soone as they shall receave and procure ye

same and not before and if they shall not receive soe much monie from Scotland
as will pay the summe or summes of monie before expressed then to pay proportio=
=nablie according to what they doe receive And if anie Overplus be received from
thence my will and meaning is that my Executors shall imploy and dispose
it according to theire discretions To Joseph, Benjamyn, Tymothie and Jesias
Pike my Sonns And I doe further hereby will and declare That if it shall
happen that anie or either of my Sonnes before herein named shall happen
to die before he or they shall attaine or come unto the full age of one and twentie
yeares That then the Legacie soe by me to him or them dying as aforesaid give??
and bequeathed shall be distributed amongst the rest of my Sonnes which 
shall be then liveing according to the Judgment and discretion of my Executrs
hereafternamed And I doe make nominate and appoynte my good Freinds
JOhn Chite of Paternoster Rower London Mercer and Peter Cole of London
Marchant Executors in trust of this my last Will and Testament desiring
them to see the same performed and to doe theire best Indevours for the 
recoverie and receiving of all such monie as is shall or may be due or
owing unto me as well for my said Service in Scotland as elsewhere
in England and to imploy and bestow the same or soe much thereof as
Can or may Come to theire hands or Custodie to and for the best benefitt
and ehoofe of my Wife my said Sonnes Joseph, Beniamin, Timothie
and Josias Pike to be equallie devided betweene them according to the
discretion of my said Executors within one yeare next after they shall
soe receive the same And for theire Care and paines I doe give to
each of them Fortie shillings to be bestowed in a Ring for each of them
desiring them to accept the same In Witnes whereof I the said Peter
Pike (renounceing all former Wills) have to this my last Will and
Testament sett my hand and Seale The Day and yeare first above
written Peter Pike Sealed published and declared in the presence of
us (after the interlining of the word Timothie William Hewett Nicholas
Hitchcock Jo: Bennett

This Will was proved att London ye
Twentie Fourth Day of Januarie In the yeare of our Lord God
according to the accompt and Computation of the Church of England
One Thousand six hundred Fiftie and Six hundred fiftie and six
before the Judges for probate of Wills and granting Administrations
lawfullie authorized by the oathes John White and Peter Cole ioynt 
Executors named in the above written last Will and Testament of
the said deceased To whome Administration of all and singular the
goods Chattells and debts of the said Deceased was granted and
Committeed They being first legallie sworne trulie and faythfullie
to administer the same

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