15 March 1853 Will of John Deodatus Gregory Pike of Derby (proved 27 November 1854)

The original will can be obtained online from The National Archives.

Source: TNA, PROB 11/2201

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                                        Derby March 15 1853
I John Deodatus Gregory Pike Dissenting
Minister Derby hereby make this my last Will and Testament While
looking for the mercy of the Lord Jesus Christ unto Eternal life I dispose
of the following property as follows. I bequeath to my beloved daughters
Sarah and Mary Anne all my furniture linen spoons china & as their
joint property on condition that if the note my sister Sarah holds from me
for Twenty pounds should be unpaid at my decease they shall discharge
it or such portion of it as may be unpaid. To my dear sons John Baxter
James Carey Josiah Gregory & Richard Joseph I bequeath the Copyright
of all my publications that continue my property whether in the hands
of Richardson & Sons or elsewhere I bequeath this as their joint property
the profit of which they shall divide among themselves share & share 
alike and as any of them die the whole to be the property of the survivors
or survivor I bequeath this to them on condition that they shall give as
from me to every one of my Grand Children one Copy of "Early Religion
enforces 18ms of "Persuasives 18ms of "Religion & Eternal Life" 18ms 
and the "divide for Nonna Disciples 18ms the latter published by the
Religious Tract Society. Of my houses in Parker Street Derby I devise to
my daughter Sarah Pike her heirs and assigns the corner front house
at the Western end with the Garden and appurtenances thereto belonging
I also devise to my daughter Sarah for the term of her natural life the
other two front houses & the back house at the Western end and at her decease
I devise the front house adjoining that absolutely devised to my daugh-
ter Sarah to my daughter Mary Anne & the other front house I devise to
my son Josiah Gregory at Sarahs death and the back house nearest the
western end I devise from the time of her decease to my sons John Baxter
& Richard Joseph as their joint property In all these cases with the
houses I devise the gardens yards or appurtenances thereto belonging
I devise the back house adjoining Mr Poysers Ground with the
garden thereto belonging & the free use of the Water Tap to my son James
Carey his heirs & assigns on condition that he gives up the claim that he
has upon me for One hundred pounds secured on my promisory note. If
he object to giving up that claim I hereby direct that the house be
offered to my children in succession for One hundred pounds the offer to
be first made to the elder & if declined in succession till it be made to the
younger. But should all decline taking it on these terms I direct that
the house be sold & the product applied to paying the debt I owe to
my Son James Carey I direct my Executors after paying my just debts
with the money that may be received from Life Policies or any other
source to pay off the mortgage of Three hundred pounds on my said

houses above devised in Parker Street. Any books that may be in the
house at the time of my decease with the names of my children on them are
their books. Any others that belong to myself I bequeath to my six children
to be equally divided by mutual agreement among them I appoint my
said daughters Sarah and Mary Anne as Executrixes of this my Will as
witness my hand this fifteenth March one thousand eight hundred & fifty
three  John D G Pike  Signed by the said John D G Pike the
testator in the presence of us both present at the same time who in his pre-
sence and in the presence of each other have hereto subscribed our names
as witnesses  Elizabeth Pike  Mary Pike

Proved at London 27th Novr 1854 before The Judge by the oaths of
Sarah Pike and Mary Anne Pike Spinsters the daughters the Executrix
to whom admon was granted having been first sworn by Comon duly to

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