28 November 1811 Will of John Baxter Pike of Edmonton, Middlesex (proved 02 June 1821)

The original will can be obtained online from The National Archives.

Source: TNA, PROB 11/1645

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I John Baxter Pike of the Parish
of Edmonton in the County of Middlesex feeling that portion of under
standing and memory which God hath pleased to bestow upon me
as strong clear and uninterrupted as at any time in my past life do now
this second day of November in the year of our Lord one thousand eight
hundred and eleven make and declare this to be my last Will and Testament
first I give and bequeath unto my long and justly beloved most affectionate
and faithful Wife Sarah Kirk Pike for her use during the whole term
granted unto me by Lease from Daniel Gosset Esqr if her natural life
shall last so long all my leasehold Estate in Bury Street Edmonton in
the said County of Middlesex consisting of the House wherein we now
reside whether it shall be one only as it is at present or divided into
two or more according to a plan at present sometimes in my mind together
with all appertaining buildings Yards Gardens Orchards & Fields 
being the whole of the said Estate and all advantages and interests
appertaining thereto together with the said Lease itself and all my right

tithe property & interest therein subject nevertheless to this condition that if my Sister
Lucy Pike shall at any time during her natural life cease to live & board free
of expence with my said Wife Sarah Kirk Pike but that they shall choose
to part at the option of either party that from that time my said Wife Sarah
Kirk Pike shall pay or cause to be paid unto my said Sister Lucy Pike or to
her written order six pounds six  shillings on or near to the first day of
every usual quarter in the year so long as the said Lucy Pike shall live
thirdly if my said Wife Sarah Kirk Pike shall die before the expiration
of the said Lease then it shall go with the whole said Estate to all my Children
the profits thereof to be equally dividied among all at such times as they
themselves shall settle among themselves one or two being appointed to act
for the benefit of the whole exclusive my eldest Son the Revd John
Pike of Derby who lives at too great a distance to act And I strictly charge
them that if either of their Sisters should marry to legally secure their moieties
in trust for them before the marriage that their future husbands shall have
no power or controul over their shares this bequest is subject to the above
condition respecting Lucy Pike fourthly I give and bequeath unto my said Sister
Lucy Pike the bedstead bed on which she now sleeps and all its bedding three
warm blankets two pair of good sheets and a Counterpane two chairs a
table a Crate shovel tongs poker and fender fifthly all my other property
of every description I give and bequeath to my said Wife Sarah Kirk Pike
whom I hereby appoint to be my sole Executrix Sixthly I apopint that if my
said Wife should not live to finish her Executorship my two Sons Thomas
Joseph Washington Pike and Richard Franklin Pike shall take her
Office and discharge it or if by mental disqualifocation which trouble
sometimes occasions she should become so incapable let them take her
office Seventhly if at any time afterward while she continues to keep on the
School she should become mentally incapable I appoint my said two Sons
last mentioned Trustees for her to try how much money as good will they
can get for the School of Children and then to offer it at that sum to their
Aunt Lydia Kirk Gregory allowing her also if she chooses to select School
bedding or furniture or fixtures in the house to the value of one hundred
pounds having them appraised on condition that for the good will and this
hundred pounds she shall give and deliver to them Notes of hand payable
by Instalments within three years all the rest to be sold under all circumstances
Lucy Pike is to have her appointed payments regularly as long as she
shall live and now Father of Mercies God of Love what what I for truly
my hope is in thy mercy pardoning love and mercy declared to the World
by Jesus Christ as his Diciple according to his command I offer unto thee my
last petition in his name O God be merciful to me a Sinner Written en-
tirely with my own hand the day and year abovementioned to which I now
also this twenty eighth day of the said November set my hand and seal
in presence of the subscribing Witnesses  John Baxter Pike
Signed and sealed in presence of us Witnesses  Rd Gregory  Chas
Stuart  Henry Harvey  Godfrey Gregory

Proved at London 2d June 1821 before the Worpl Samuel Rush
Meyrick Doctor of Laws & Surrogate by the oath of Sarah Kirk Pike
Widow the Relict the Executrix for life to whom administration was
granted being first sworn duly to administer

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