23 November 1693 Will of John Pike of the Winchester, Mariner (proved 30 July 1694)

The original will can be obtained online from The National Archives.

Source: TNA, PROB 11/421

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Know all Men by these presents
That I John Pyke of and belonging to their Majesties ship the Winchester
Mariner Have and by these presents doe make ordain and constitute Elizabeth
Russell of in the parish of Hemsditch in Cou Middx Spinster my true and
lawfull Attorney irrevokeable forme and in my name and for my use to ask demand
and receive of and from the Right Honoble the Treasurer or Paymaster of their
Majesties Navy and Comission for Prize money and whome elese it may concern
As well all such Wages and pay bounty money prize money and all other sume and
sumes of money whatsoever as now is and which hereafter shall or may be due or
payable unto me pursuant to their Majesties gracious Declaration of the 23th of
May 1689 And also all such pentions Salaries smart money and all other sume
and sumes of money and things whatsoever which now and at any time hereafter
as and shall be due to me for my Wages service or otherwise in any of their
Majesties ships Friggots or Vessels or any Merchant shipp or ships as also to
demand recover and receive of all other person and persons whatsoever whome
it doth or may concern All and singular such other sume and sumes of money

Goods wares effects wages debts dues claimes and demandes whatsoever which
now and hereafter is or shall be due and payable unto me either by Bond bill
booke Accompt or otherwise howsoever And moreover in my name and for my
proper use to demise and let by Lease in writing or otherwise All or any of
my Messuages Lands or Tenements to such person or persons and for such Term
of years Condicons and reservacons as my said Attorney or her Councell shall
think fit and convenient Giving and hereby granting unto my said Attorney
my full and whole power in the premisses and to recover and receive all and singular
the sume and sumes of money matters and things aforesaid and upon non payment
thereof or any part thereof All such person and persons whome it may concerne
and where need shall require their Executors Administrators and goods to sue
arrest attach seize imprison prosecute and condemne and to compound and agree
and out of Prison to release and discharge And upon receipt of the said premises
or any part thereof Acquittances Releases or any other discharges for me and
in my name ot make seal and deliver And one Attorney or more to substitute
and at pleasure to revoke and generally to act and doe all other Acts matters
and things whatsoever needfull and necessary to be done in and touching the
premisses as fully and effectually as I might or could doe if I were personally
present Ratifying and allowing for firm and valid and irrevokeable all and
whatsoever my said Attorney shall lawfully doe or cause to be done in and
touching the premisses by vertue of these presents And I the said John Pyke
considering the incertainty of this transitory life doe make and declare these
presents to contain my last Will and Testament That is to say that all such
Wages sume and sumes of money Lands Tenements goods chattels and Estate
whatsoever wherewith at the time of my decease I shall be possessed or invested
or which shall then belong or of right appertaine unto me I doe give devise and
bequeath unto her the said Elizabeth Russell And doe hereby nominate and
appoint her the said Elizabeth Russell my true and lawfull Executrix of this
my last Will And doe revoke all former Wills and deeds of gift by me at any
time heretofore made and doe ordain these presents to stand and be for and as
my only last Will and Testament In witness whereof I have hereunto set my
hand and seale the Twenty third day of November Anno Dni 1693 And in
the Fifth yeare of the reigne of King William and Queen Mary  Jon Pike
Signed sealed published and declared in the presence of ??? Bibb  Cha:
Moody  William Thorwood

Probatum fuit [this continues in latin, but has the date 30 July 1694:]
Triecesimo die 
mensis July Anno Dn Millimo sexcentesimo Monagesimo quarto

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