7 March 1651 Will of Hugh Pike of Wembworthy, rector (proved 20 July 1652)

Source: TNA, PROB 11/224
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In the name of God Amen I
Hugh Peeke Rector of Wembworthy in Devon weake in bodie but perfect in memory
doe make and ordayne this my last will and Testament in manner and forme following
Inprimis I bequeath my soule to God who made mee hopeing for salvation only
through Jesus Christ And my body to be buried in a decent manner according to the will of
my Executor my worldly goods I dospose of in manner and forme following Inprim:
I give to the poore of the parish of Wembworthy Twenty shillings to be paid unto
them either the day of my buriall or within a fortnight after It: I give to John Vinson
my servant five shillings It: I give to the rest of my servants (James Collacote
being one) as a Fee to my severall Godchildren twelve pence a peece It: my will  that
John Lee shall have eight pounds in regard of a bargaine of        and Just of the
bargaine of heywood made betweene him and mee It: I give unto my sonne in Lawe
John Paddon five pounds and to his wife fifty pounds as alsoe to his fower children
Samuell Paddon Charles Paddon Mary Paddon and Abigaill Paddon five pounds
unto my loving wife Alice Peeke my Tenement of Costen in Bradwood for the
space of Forty yeares if shee shall remayne soe longe in Widdowhood after my
death & any of lives shall remayne soe longe by which I hould the liveing untill
the end of that terme shee repayring the house and Tenement in a good and fitting
way paying the Lords Rents and all other dues perteyning to the sayd Tenement
It: I give unto my sayd wife Alice Peeke that Tenement of myne in Wemborthy
which was sometyme Margarett Botefields upon the same termes and Con-
ditions as I gave her Couston in Bradwoods It: I doe give and bequeath unto
my sonne John Peeke all my plough stuffe shoule sheirs Coulters ploughchaynes
yockes bougs and the like as alsoe my Tenement of Couston for its whole terme
after the decease or marriage of my wife paying unto my daughter Abigaill Paddon
the summe of Fifty pounds if shee should out live her Mother and that within
three yeares after her Mothers decease and this to be her addition unto that which
I formerly bequeath unto her It: I give unto my sonne Andrew Pike for his
whole terme after my wife widdohoode or decease & whereas there be but two lives
upon the same at this present my desyre is that the Lords be agreed with for a third
life and for puting out John Pikes life to put in Andrew Pike and what this

shall cost my will is that the same shalbe raised out of the TEnement for the use
and benefitt of William Peeke my sonne farther my will is that if the sayd Andrew
Pike shall dye before that hee come to bee twenty one yeares old That William Pike
shall have the same upon those termes that Andrew should have have had the same And
that Fifty pounds payable out of Couston unto my daughter Paddon by my sonne
John Pike to be paid by William Pike if that Teneement in Wembworthy shall
come to him by the death of his brother Andrew It: I doe ordayne and appointe
my sonne William Pike to be the sole and only Executor of this my last will and
Testament unto whome I give and bequeath all that is not allready given and bequeathed
It: notwithstanding I give and bequeath theis things unto my sonne William Pike
yet withall leaving the use of my goods unto my wife for the maytenance of her
selfe and family In wittnesse whereof I have hereunto put my hand and seale the
7 day of March in the yeare of our Lord God one thousand sixe hundred fifty one Hugh
Pike In the presence of Phillip Cleventen Barbara Paunsford Whereas I have here-
tofore this made some graunts of goods or lands which I conceive I have made voide 
and Cancelled yet if any shall be uncancelled and come to the hands of John
Paddon Abbigaill Paddon John Pike Andrew Pike or any of them and they goe
about to make use of them for their owne profitt I doe hereby recall and make voide
all such graunts and plays as if they had never bin made And if my sonne John
Paddon shall demaunde use for the Fowerscore pound that I owe him my will is
that hee make satisfaction in regards of the great charge I have beene and yet am
to him selfe wife servant and children and not otherwise

The twentith day of July in the yeare of our Lord God one thousand 
sixe hundred fifty two issued out a Commission to Alice Pike widdowe the
Relict of Hugh Pike late of Wembury in the County of Devon Clerke deceased 
having goods &c To Aminister all and singuler the goods chattells and debts of 
the sayd deceased according to the tenor of the sayd will during the minority and
to the use of William Pike the sonne of the sayd deceased and sole Executor in the
sayd will named shee the sayd Alice being first legally sworne by virtue of a
Commission in that behalfe issued forth well and trely to Administer the same

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