17 May 1636 Will of Edward Pike, possibly of St Mary Somerset in London (proved 24 May 1636)

Source: TNA, PROB 11/171
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	Mr Pikes will 17 May 1636

First I bequeath my soule to my Redeemer Jesus Christ
whoe gave it and my body to the earth to be buried neare my late wife Elizabeth
in the parrish Church of St Mary Somrsett Item I bequeath all my land that came
to me by my wife Anne wch was given to her by William Martyn her late Uncle
lyeing in old Winsor and Water Orley to her the sayd Anne and her heires forevr
Alsoe I give her my two dwelling houses and wharfe at Braken wharfe held of
the Chamber of London dureing all my terme to come therein the fower last yeares
onely excepted a Chamber reserved for Mr Pike I give all my interest in the Inne
at Broken wharfe called the Bell and the Tenements adioyning to Nathaniel
Pike my sonne I give to Jeremie Pike all my interest in my leases in St Mary
???????? my debts being payed I give my wife one anuity of fortie pounds PER ann
and to Anne Pike my Daughter one anuity of twenty pounds PER ann dureing the
terme of my lease in being at Westmr held of the Deane and Chapter After my
debts payed I give Jeremy one hundred pounds out of Wstmr lease to be payed 
yearly by twenty pounds per ann alsoe to Jeremy the house Sketon dwelt in dureing
all my terme and all the goods therein with a leaden Cesterne and all at next
dore I give Michaell Pike all my interest in the Rectory of Crawley to him and
his heires forever and my part in the Rectery of St Mary Somersett and all the
land I bought of Mr Daye lyeing in old Windsor and all my land bought of ?r
??ter Bridges lyeing in Westham in Essex and fyve acres bought of old Newman
I give my sonne Nathaniell all my interest in little house and three acres of land 
thereunto belonging lyeing in Westham lately bought of Mr Newman lyeing by
Gallowes greene sometymes a starch??se I give to my Daughter Cornish and
her heires my house at St Albons lately bought of one S??ders in the tenure of 
one ??okes my debts payed I give to the poore of St Mary Somersett fower
pounds PER ann for twentie one yeares payable at Christmas and Easter at the
discretion of the Churchwardens and Collectors for the poore to yssue out my lease
at Westmr I give Anne Geares and her husband tenn pounds after debts payed
I give to George Sarman fyftie shillings and to Alice his wife fyftie shillings
to be payed at a yeare I give the Dyers almes people in White Corke alley
in Thames streete each of them six shillings eight pence I give the compan of
Dyers twenty nobles to be bestowed in a supper by the discretion of the master and 
Wardens within some convenient tyme after my death I give to the two Compers 
Ludgate and Newgate fower pounds to be devided I give to the poore of Easam
in Oxon fyftie shillings a yeare for twentie one yeares to yssie out of my lease at
Wstmr I give to my brother George Pike twentie nobles PER ann to yssue out of Westmr
for xxi yeares yf he soe long lyve I give to Mr Cooke the Parson of St Mary
Somset fortie shillings And I forgive Mr Gentish the twenty shillings wch I lately
lent him I make my wife Anne Pike and my sonne Michaell Pike my executors and
John Crompton Richard Marshall and Ambrose Mudford my Overseers I give
Ambrose Mudford tenn pounds R Marshall fyve pounds John Crompton five pounds 
I give Hugh Napkin and his wife each of them twentie shillings and to Mary
Napkin my Goddaughter fyve pounds to be paied at her daye of marryage yf
shee soe long lyve I give Anne Platt Thomas Langley Thomas Cresall and his
wife each of them twentie shillings To John Rownde and Phebe his wife each of 
them tenn shillings To John Fleming and his wife each of them twenty shillings
To Elizabeth Bridges thirtie shillings to buy her a Ring to Nathaneil a Beere 
bolle a wine bolle and six spoones of silver a bed furnished and fower paires 
of sheetes To Jeremy as much To Ely Cornish fyve pounds To Michaell my great
guilt Bolle two flatt bolles parcell guilt two bolles all guilt one wyne bolle
and all spoones not given and one beaker To my wife my Bason too flagonpole 
my dozen of Apostle spoones all her owne plate and my Daughter Annes To

Anne my Daughter all my goods at Winsor To Elizabeth Cornishe all her
mothers Childbed lynnen lockt up in a black box Two DraPER Table clothes
three dozen of Napkins one plaine Tablecloth with a dozen and half of Napkins
two paire of fyne sheetes one Trunke To mr Hierons and his wife Mr
Kingston and his wife and Mr Coles and his wife each of them tenn shillings
To the Parson of St Mary Mounth??? tenn shillings To Mr Henry Bridges
and his wife each of them tenn shillings My desire is that soe soone as it
may be after my decease my Lymeshopp and the appurtenancs thereunto
belonging as it hath bin heretofore lett unto the wholle trade of lyme & sand should be
disposed of and that the whole benefitt thence ariseing should be devided
betwixt my wife and my sonn Mich Pike  Edward Pike T Ambr Mudford
Richard Cornish John Fleming

Probatum fuit [this paragraph continues in Latin to grant probate on 24 May 1636]
vicesimo quarto die Mensis Maii Anno Dn millimo sexcenimo tricesimo 
Annae Pike relce d? def et Michaelis Pike filii d?? defunct

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