16 January 1665 Will of Anne Pike of Maiden Bradley, Wiltshire, widow (proved 19 April 1666)

The original will can be obtained online from The National Archives.

Source: TNA, PROB 11/320

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In the name of God Amen
I Anne Pike of Mayden Bradley in the County of Wilts
widowe being weake in body but of sound and perfect memory
Thankes be to god for the same I doe now make and ordayne this my
last will and Testament in manner and forme following First I com=
mend my soule into the hands of Almighty god my Creator assuredly
beleeving That I shall receave pardon of all my sinnes and be saved
by the precious death and merritts of my blessed saviour & redeemer
Christ Jesus And my body to the earth from whence it was taken
to be buryed in such decent and christian Manner as to my executors here
after named shallbe thought meeke and convenient And as touching my
personall estate which it hath pleased Almighty god to Lend mee I doe
dispose thereof in manner and forme following First I give to my daugh-
ter Anne Perry and to fower of her children vizt Richard Perry
Anne Perry John Perry and Elizabeth Perry the somme of Tenne
pounds a peece to be paid unto them three monethes after my decease 
And my will is that the said Tenne pounds apeece before given
shalbe paid with the money due to mee upon bond from Mr Mathewes
and Mr Gocene being fiftee pounds Alsoe my will is that my said daugh=
Perry shall have the use and benefitt of her childrens money untill they
shall attayne to their severall ages of one and twenty yeares Alsoe I 
give to my said daughter Perry one bell ??ettall skillett Two greate plat
ters two small pottingers two little Sallett Dishes Two little Sawcers 
one bousee Candlesticke two terme worke Cushions one little Chest 

One broade box all my lynnen vizt sheets pillities napkins and boardclothes
and my wearing apparrell whatsoever as well woolling as lynning
except my best gowne and one ??ed cloth petticote with three laces Alsoe
I give to my said daughter Perry these goods following which I have
in my house That my sonne John Pike now lives in at Shaston That
is to say my best bedsted standing in the Chamber over the Hall and
my blew Cloth vallens and Churtaines with a covering for a bed be-
longing to the same my brasse furnace in the kitchen my table board
and frame and fower Joyne stooles standing in the Hall and my Jocke
Alsoe I give to my said daughter Perry all my right Tytle and inte-
rest which I have of and in one parocke lying in Briport at Shaston
in the County of Dorsett Alsoe I give unto my said daughter Perryes
Children That is to say Nicholas Perry Mary Perry Luce Perry and
Peter Perry all my right Tytle interest and Terme of yeares which I 
have of and in three Tenement next to Trinity Church yard in Shaston
aforesaid which belongeth to the Towne Land there And my will is that
my said daughter Perry shall have the rent and benefitt of it dureing
her life if her two brothers Peter Pike and John Pike shall soe long
live Alsoe I give to my grandsonne William Perry one greate Chest
one great Bible one yellow ruge my worst featherbed two fea
pillowes one bolster my husbands Coate my silver Bottell one
brasse panne one brasse pott kittle two platters Two sallett dishes
Two greate white Candlesticks one pewter Bason my best flaggon
one Chamber pott one Tyning bottle one washing bason one Tyn-
nen Cup Two masard drinking dishes one brasee pot two little
kittles one wanning panne one frying panne Two posnitts two
skilletts one brasse Ladle one brasse Candlesticke one spice morter
my best Chafeng dish one brasee potled one pappan to beate
meate on one bedsted one matt two Joyne stooles one Trapboard
one Joyne Chaire one low Joyne stoole one matted stoole one
safe or Cupboard one little spitt one paire of Tongs one f???
paire my best bellowes Two smoothing irons and my beste 
Trinicke Alsoe I give to my grandsonne Richard Perry my
best feather bedd my best bolster my two best pillowes one greene
rugge two of my best blanketts Alsoe I give to my grandchild
Anne Perry Two silver spoones Alsoe I give to my grandchild
Elizabeth Perry my silver dish Alsoe I give to my grandchild Mary
Perry my best gold ring All the before menconed goods and hous=
hold stuffe given to my daughter Perryes Children my will is shall
be delivered to her after my decease and shee to have keeping and use
of it untill they or either of them shall attayne to their severall ages
of xxi yeares Alsoe I give to my grandchild Dorothy Long my best
gowne and my Cloth petticoate with three Laces Alsoe I give to my 
grandchild Hester Long my gold ring with Deathes head upon it
Alsoe I give to my sonne John Pike my greate Trendle my bedstead
in the Chamber next the Church yard one little Table board in the
Chamber over the kitchen one long playne Chest and the standing
presse in the Chamber over the Hall The goods before menconed given
to my said sonne John are in the house That hee now liveth in 
Alsoe I give to my sonne Thomas Long and his sonne George
Long my executors hereafter named all the moneyes due from my said
sonne John Pike for the rent of my house That he how lives in

ever since the decease of my husband for I never receaved any money
of him for rent Alsoe I give to my sonne Peter Pike Two shillings and
six pence alsoe I give to my said sonne John Pike two shillings & six
pence Alsoe I give unto my said sonne Thomas Longs six children
Tenne pounds a peece To be paid unto them at theire severall ages
of Twenty one yeares if eyther of them dye before their age of xxi yeares
That then the money of him or them to remayne to the rest that shalbee
living Alsoe my will is That the Lx l before given to my grandchildren
bee at the disposeing of my sonne Thomas Long That is either all or any
one of his said Children bee disobedient to their father That then it shall
be lawfull for my said sonne Thomas Long to defame the same and
to dispose of it to those of his children as hee shall thinke fitt Alsoe I 
give tenne shilling to Twenty poore old people of the parish of Sainte
Peters in Shaston aforesaid All the rest of my goods not given my debts
Legacies and funerall expences being discharged I give to my said sonne
Thomas Long and my grandsonne George Long whome I make whole
and sole executors And I doe hereby revoke all former will or wills what=
soever heretofore made And I doe desire my sonne Peter Pike & John
Cole to bee overseers of this my last will and Testament And to see the
same Truely and Justly performed And for their care herein I give
my said sonne Peter Pike Twenty shillings to buy him a silver dish
And to the said John Cole Tenne shillings In witnes whereof I the said
Anne Pike have hereunto sett my hand and seale The sixteenth day
of Januarie in the seaventeenth yeare of the raigne of our Lord king
Charles the second over England &c one Thousand six hundred sixtie
and five 1665 The marke of the said Anne Pike Signed sealed 
Published and declared to bee my last will and Testament in the per=
sence of Andrew Wanly George Audry Wm Perry

Probatum fuit [this paragraph continues in Latin to grant probate on 19 April 1666]
Decimo nono die mensis Aprilis
Anno Domini Millimo Sexcentesimo sexagesimo sexto
Georgii Long 

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