14 March 1839 Will of Alfred Pike of Lydd, Kent (proved 1 July 1839)

The original will can be obtained online from The National Archives.

Source: TNA, PROB 11/1914

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This is the last Will and Testament
of me Alfred Pike now residing at Lydd in the County of Kent (the natural
son of Richard Cheesman by Hannah Pike both deceased) made this fourteenth day
of March one thousand eight hundred and thirty nine First I direct the payment
of my debts funeral and testamentary Expences I appoint Thomas Taylor Ladson
of Lydd aforesaid Schoolmaster Executor of this my Will and I give & bequeath 
to the said Thomas Tayrlo Ladson the sum of ten pounds but in case of his death

in my life time I appoint James Bartholomew of Lydd aforesaid Tailor Executor
of this my Will I give and bequeath unto Henry Brignall of Playden in the
County of Sussex the sum of one hundred and twenty pounds free from the legacy
duty which I direct to be paid out of the residue of my Estate also I give and 
bequeath unto John Baker and Benjamin Baker both of Lydd aforesaid (the
natural sons of the said James Bartholomew by Elizabeth Baker who is now 
the wife of the said Henry Brignall) the sum of one hundred and twenty pounds
apiece free from the legacy duty which I also direct to be paid out of the said
residue of my Estate And my will is that all the before mentioned legacies shall
be paid within three months after the receipt of the money coming to me from 
the Estate of the late Richard Cheesman deceased And as to all the Rest and 
Residue of my Estate Goods Chattels and Effects after payment of all my 
debts funeral and testamentary Expences and the Expence of a Tombstone which
I direct may be erected to my memory and the several legacies hereinbefore 
bequeathed I give and bequeath the same unto my cousin Philadelphia
Pike the natural daughter of the late Daniel Barrett by Philadelphia Pike of
Reivenden to and for her own absolute use and benefit and I hereby revoke
all former Wills In witness whereof I the said Alfred Pike the testator have
to this my last Will and testament contained in this sheet of Paper set my hand
the day and year first above written   Alfred Pike   Signed and
declared by the said Alfred Pike the testator in the presence of us who being
present together have in his presences and in the presence of each hereunto
subscribed our names as witnesses   John Scantlebury of Lydd
Schoolmaster   Alfred White of Lydd Grocer

Proved at London the 1st July 1839 before the Judge by the oath of Thomas
Taylor Ladson the sole Exor to whom admon was granted having been first sworn by
Comon duly to adminr

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