25 May 1618 Will of Agnes Pike of Dowlish Wake, Somerset, widow (proved 14 August 1618)

Source: TNA, PROB 11/132
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In the name of God amen the fyve and twentithe Day of Maye
in the yere of oure Lord Jesus Christe one thowsand sixe hundred and Eighteene and in the 
sixteenth yere of the raigne of oure soveraigne Lord James by the grace of god Kyng of 
England Frannce and Ireland Defender of the faithe &c and of Scotland the one and 
fifith I Agnes Pike of Dowlishwake in the Countie of Somerset widowe beyng weake
in bodie but whole and perfect in mynde and memorye (thanckes be given to god) Doe
make and ordayne this my last testament and last will in manner and former folowing First
I commend my soule to Almightie god whoe gave yt to me and my bodie to be buryed in the 
Churchyarde of Dowlishwake aforesayed Item I doe give unto my sonne John Pike my wayne
and wheeles and all my ploughe stuffe apperteyning as allso my greate panne in the furnace
But withall my will is the saied panne shall remayne unto his eldest sonne Thomas 
Pike after his fathers Decease Item I do give unto Thomas Pike the sonne of the sayd
John Pike twentie shillinges of lawfull englishe money Item I give unto Izat Pike
the Daughter of the sayed John Pike twentie shillinges of lawfull Englishe money And
unto Agnes Pike the Daughter of the saied John twentie shillinges of like lawfull english
money yf it please god that either of them dye before they come to the age of one and 
Twentie yeres yt shall remayne unto the Survivors in equall portion Item I do give unto my
Sonne William Pike sixe of my best sheepe and all my Ladders and a Bed stead over the
hall with a Bedd twoe bolsters twoe Blanketts and a Coverlett all which are nowe
belonging therunto and a Lynnen teaster hanging over the same Item I do give unto my
Daughter Loare Pike my Cupboard in the hall with all the pewter and brasse that 
hath usuallie stood uppon the same And allso the Chest standing by yt with all my
wearing apparrell bothe Lynnen and woollen and allso all the Rest of my Lynnen
whatsoever with the greatest Cofer wherein a greate parte of my Lynnen is kept Itm
I do give unto my saied Daughter Loare 
  six silver spoones Item I doe 
  give unto my sayd Daughter
the Bedstead in the parlor and a featherbedd
lying uppon the same with twoe Bolsters twoe shorte pillowes twoe Blanketts
and my best Coverlett Item I do give to my saide Daughter Loare fower score and 
Tenne poundes of lawfull money of England Item I do give to my sonne Thomas
Pike fower score and three poundes and tenne shillinges of like lawfull Englishe
money Item I do give unto all my godchildren to eache one of them twelve pence of
like lawfull Englishe money All the rest of my goodes not given nor bequeathed I doe
give unto my sonne Anthony Pike whome I constitute and appoynte my Whole and only
Executor of this my last will and testament Witnesses unto this my last will and
Testament Richard Gaylard John Huerton and Roger Marshall

Probatum fuit [this paragraph continues in Latin to grant probate on 14 August 1618]
Decimo quarto die mensis
Augusti Anno Domini millesimo sexcentesimo Decimo octavo
Anthonii Pike 
filii nralis et legitim dicte Defuncte et Executoris

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