Eleazar Pike, 1942

The following is a transcript of a photocopy of petition to probate the will of Eleazar Pike. This transcript was made on 18 March 2005.

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To the Honourable the Supreme Court of Newfoundland or to One
of the Honourable the Judges thereof.

The Petition of STEPHEN RUSSELL of Carbonear, in the Island of
Newfoundland, School Master,

           HUMBLY SHEWETH, that:-

1.  ELEAZAR PIKE, late of Carbonear, in the Island of Newfound-
land, Fisherman, deceased, died at that place on or about the 25th
day of December, A.D. 1942, having previously made and executed his
last Will and Testament, wherein he appointed Your Petitioner the
Executor thereof.

2.  The said deceased at the time of this death left him surviv-
ing as sole next-of-kin his daughter, Ida Lilian Forward of Carbonear,
Married Woman.

3.  The said deceased at the time of his death was possessed of
property within the Jurisdiction of this Honourable Court of the
probable value of $319.79.

4.  The paper-writing hereto annexed marked "A" is the last
Will and Testament of the said deceased proved upon the Affidavit of
Your Petitioner, one of the subscribing witnesses thereto.

5.  The paper-writing hereto annexed marked "B" is a correct
and true Inventory and valuation of theestate and effects of the
said deceased at the time of his death, so far as Your Petitioner
can at present ascertain.

6.  Neither Probate of any Will nor Letters of Administration to
the estate of the said deceased have been applied for by or granted
to any person.

  Your Petitioner therefore prays that this Honourable Court
or Your Lordship shall be pleased to grant to him Letters of Probate
of the said last Will and Testament of the said deceased.

     And Your Petitioner, as in duty bound, will ever pray, &c.

     Dated at Carbonear, this 26th day of February A.D. 1943.

                         [signed Stephen Russell]

Annex "A"

I, Eleazar Pike, of the town of Carbonear, in the island
of Newfoundland, being of sound mind, memory, and
understanding, do make my last will and testament in
manner and form following:-

First:  I desire that all my just debts and funeral
expenses be paid as soon as convenient.

Second:  I give and bequeath all my land, dwelling-house, 
and furniture, and everything in my dwelling house, and
any buildings or outhouses on my land, together with
all property that I possess, whatsoever and wheresoever,
to my daughter Ida Lilian Forward, her heirs and
assigns, to her, and their absolute use and benefit.

Third  I give and bequeath to my daughter Ida Lilian
Forward my money, whether ready money or deposited
in the Bank.

Fourth:  I hereby appoint Mr Stephen Russell, Carbonear as
Executor of this my last will and testament.
In witness whereof, I, Eleazar Pike, the testator, have to this my
last will and testament, set my hand and seal, this twenty-
fourth day of Setpember A.D. 1942.

signed, sealed and declared by the
above named Eleazar Pike, as and for
his last will and testament, in the                        his
presence of us, who have hereunto                   Eleazar x Pike
subscribed our names at his request                        mark
as witnesses thereto, in the presence of
the said testator, and of each other.

witnesses  Stephen Russell
           Amelia C. Russell

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