Edward Pike, 1852 (proved in 1859)

The following is a transcript of a photocopy of the will of Edward Pike as recorded on pages 94-95 of Volume 15 of the deeds volumes from the "Northern District", held at the Registry of Deeds at the Confederation Building in St. John's. This transcript was made on 07 May 2008.
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Edward Pike            Will
In the name of God Amen I Edward Pike of Carbonear son of the
late Francis Pike deceased do make this my last Will and
Testament in manner following that is say I give and
bequeath unto my dearly beloved Mother Julia Pike as her [own?]
Property and subject to her free control to displose of by her
Will or otherwise according to her own discretion All my
right title and interest forever unto all lands and premises
situate on the North side of the Main Stree and consisting
first of a Bench and waterside and Garden ground bounded
East by the Sea West by Michael Finn North by Thomas Oates
and South by the Main Street aforesaid Second a Meadow
and Dwelling House now occupied by Nicholl and Fitzpatrick
bounded North by Nicholle South by the Main Street East by
Michael Finn and West by Malone and third the Dwelling
House Gardens and Fields now occupied by myself and 
the family generally bounded North by Brown South by the
Main Street East by Malone and West by Solomon McCarthy
hereby constituting my beloved Mother Julia Pike aforesaid
my sole heiress and my trusty friend and relative Edward
T. Pike of Carbonear aforesaid Shipowner my sole Executor
and hereby revoking and annulling and totally disallowing
all former Deeds Gifts and bequests by me or in my name
set at any time made either verbally or otherwise I do hereby
acknowledge this as my last and only lawful Will and
Testament Signed sealed and acknowledged this Twelvth
day of December in the year of our Lord one thousand
eight hundred and fifty two.  We the undersigned hereby certify
that We each have and saw the other sign these presents as
Witnesses to the last Will and Testament of the Testator Edward
Pike and together saw and heard the said Edward Pike
sign seal and acknowledge the same in the perfect use
of his mind and memory after the same had been slowly 
and deliberately read and explained "ever" and "house"
having been first [interlined?]  Edward Pike (Seal) Nicholas
Nicholl _ Joseph Peters _ Notary Public Carbonear

(The seal of Joseph Peters Notary Public)
I hereby certify that the execution of the will of Edward Pike
of which the foregoing is a true and correct copy was proved before
myself by the affidavit of Joseph Peters endorsed thereon on the
Second day of April one thousand eight hundred and
fifty nine and the same is in due course hereby actually Registered
by me this day.  Given under my hand this fifth day of April one
thousand eight hundred and fifty nine A.D. 1859
No 3638                                    John [Stark?]

[Deld] to Francis
     Pike 9 April

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