Available utilities for processing unzipped autosomal files from Family Tree DNA and/or 23andMe:

These utilities were developed by David Pike.

My original motivation for developing these utilities was so that I could privately perform some advanced analysis of autosomal DNA results, with my objective being to better pursue genealogical research within my own family. Instead of limiting these utilities to my own personal use, I have made them available in the hope that they might assist other members of the genetic genealogy community with their own individual research goals.

Given the do-it-yourself nature of the intended user, the utilities are presented with minimal documentation and without verbose explanation of analysis results. Also note that the analysis performed by these utilities is based on my own methodology and implementation, whereas Family Tree DNA, 23andMe and AncestryDNA have their own proprietary analysis methodologies. Differences in methodology may give rise to minor interpretive differences between their analysis and that performed by my utilities.

Some other notes about these utilities:

If you want to be express thanks for these utilities, then here are some helpful things you can do:

If you happen to know any males with the surname PIKE or PYKE then encourage them to join the Pike DNA Project.

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