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I started playing duplicate bridge during university. After some success, including a trip to the World Pair Olympiad in 1978, I took an almost 30-year leave of absence from competitive play in 1984 resuming in 2013. I have always been interested in new conventions and system design. I am working on two different systems now. One is a strong club system and the other is a version of Standard. Both are Open-compliant.

SCUD, the strong club system, is based on Marshall Miles' Unbalanced Diamond.  Improvements include DMZ,  transfer responses to the strong club, Double-Barreled Birthright, Scudzilli and Relay Checkback. Optimized for matchpoints, this is the system I prefer to play if I have a choice.

The Standard system is called SOS which stands for Standard On Steroids. Some enhancements include Gazzilli and XYZ. If I ever return to a standard system with a regular partner, this is the one I would like to try.

SCUD has been published by Master Point Press and is available in print or as an ebook. SOS has its own pdf below. I add and tweak things fairly regularly. Check for updates from time to time.

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I suspect that anyone who plays a strong club not called Precision also has a background with that system. I tried Precision Club after reading C. C. Wei's 1969 book in the early 70s. For a couple reasons, I decided to combine the basics of Meckwell Lite, from Daniel Neill's book entitled Standard Modern Precision, with as much of SCUD as I could cram in. I ended up retaining flips, Birthright, Jacoby 2NT and Puppet Stayman along with some other odds and ends. One reason to try this was just to see if it was possible. The second was that I wanted something compliant with the new Basic+ Convention Chart that came into effect in November, 2018. What I have so far is in the following pdf.

Items available for download.

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