Lectures & Gatherings

Greetings once again at the beginning of a new Wessex season! All presentations are given at Hampton Hall, Marine Institute, Ridge Road, St. John’s, at 8:00 pm, on the second Wednesday of each month. Lectures are free and open to the general public. A small membership fee of $5.00 annually helps defray expenses and provides us with a list of email addresses and contact information for easy communication. Members are encouraged to invite friends and relatives and especially anyone visiting from around or outside the province.

A schedule of lectures for 2017-2018 follows:

11 October 2017
Speaker: Dr. Michael Deal, Archaeology Dept, MUN
Topic: “Newfoundlander Aviators of World War I”
Abstract: Nearly nine thousand Newfoundlanders volunteered for military service during the First World War, primarily with the Newfoundland Regiment, the Royal Naval Reserve, and the Newfoundland Forestry Corps, but a few individuals also served in the fledgling Allied air forces. The combined experiences of these airmen give us a glimpse into Newfoundland's contribution to the air war of World War I.

08 November 2017
Speaker: Jenny Higgins, Researcher/Writer, NL Heritage
Topic: “Women at War in their own Words”
Abstract: Nurses, knitters, mothers, money raisers, and more. This talk and slideshow presentation is about Newfoundland and Labrador women in the First World War. We’ll learn about their experiences through their own words, by examining the letters, diaries, and scrapbooks they left behind. These documents shine an important light on how the war affected women’s lives, and how their contributions altered post-war society for the better.

13 December 2017
Topic: “From the mouth of a canon: The wit of Canon George Earle”, a video by David Quinton, followed by Christmas music/sing-a-long.

10 January 2018
Speaker: Dr. Alex Marland, Dept. of Political Science, MUN
Topic: The Democratic Cookbook

14 February 2018
Speaker: Dr. Anna Kearney Guigne, Folklorist and Adjunct Professor, MUN
Topic: “Fortify My Glass and Sing Me a Tender Tune: Newman's Port Wine and the Shaping of the English Song Tradition on Newfoundland's South Coast”

14 March 2018
Speaker: Cabot Martin
Topic: “The Welsh Heritage in Newfoundland and Labrador”

11 April 2018
Speaker: Dr. James Hiller, Historian, Emeritus Professor, Memorial University
Topic: "Robert Bond - is his reputation merited?"