Nonlinear Dynamics Seminar (Fall 2017, MUN)

Organizer: Dr. Xiaoqiang Zhao

Time and Location: 9:00am to 11:30am, Friday, HH-3013

Speakers and Abstracts:

1. Sept.15, 22, and 29, Lei Zhang (Memorial University), "Principal Eigenvalue for Nonlocal Dispersal Systems with Time Delay"

The theory of the principal eigenvalue is established for the eigenvalue problem associated with a linear time-periodic nonlocal dispersal cooperative system with time delay. Then we apply it to a Nicholson's blowflies population model and obtain a threshold type result on its global dynamics.

2. Oct.6, 13, 20 and 27, Jiabing Wang (Memorial University), "Maximum Principles, Sliding Techniques and Applications to Nonlocal Equations"

This series of four talks is based on Dr. J. Coville's paper [Electronic Journal of Differential Equations, 2007, No. 68, 1-23].

3. Nov. 3 and 10, Ruiwen Wu (Memorial University), "Spreading Speed, Traveling Waves, and Minimal Domain Size in Impulsive Reaction-Diffusion Models"

These two talks are based on M. Lewis and B. Li's paper [Bulletin of Mathematical Biology, 74(2012), 2383-2402], and M. Fazly, M. Lewis and H. Wang's paper [SIAM J. Appl. Math., 77(2017), 224-246].

4. Nov. 17 and 24 and Dec. 1, Fuxiang Li (Memorial University), "The Type-reproduction Number for Infectious Disease Control"

These three talks are based on Heesterbeek and Roberts' paper [Mathematical Biosciences, 206(2007), 3-10] and Shuai, Heesterbeek and van den Driessche's paper [J. Math. Biol., 67(2013), 1067-1082].

5. Nov. 23, Thursday, 1:00pm-2:00pm, HH-3017, Graduate Seminar, Ruiwen Wu (Memorial University), "Propagation Dynamics for a Spatially Periodic Integrodifference Competition Model"

In this talk, I will report our recent research on the propagation dynamics for a class of integrodifference competition models in a periodic habitat. An interesting feature of such a system is that multiple spreading speeds can be observed, which biologically means different species may have different spreading speeds. We show that the model system admits a single spreading speed, and it coincides with the minimal wave speed of the spatially periodic traveling waves. A set of sufficient conditions for linear determinacy of the spreading speed is also given.