Yildiz Yilmaz

PhD (Waterloo)
Associate Professor of Statistics

Department of Mathematics and Statistics
Room HH-3035
Memorial University of Newfoundland
St. John’s, NL, A1C 5S7, Canada
(709) 864-8069


Research Interests

Survival analysis, Event history analysis, Statistical genetics, Genetic epidemiology, Incomplete data analysis, Multivariate analysis, Causal inference


Professional Experience

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Dr. Yilmaz’s research interests are in the areas of statistical theory and methodology, and in statistical methods in biostatistics and statistical genetics. In particular, her work focuses on survival analysis, event history analysis, multivariate modeling and analysis, causal inference, incomplete data analysis and response-selective sampling. Her work has been motivated by important problems in biomedicine and genetics.

She currently has the following research programs within the field of statistics, genetic epidemiology and statistical genetics: 1) development and application of novel methods to model time-to-event phenotypes in genome-wide prognosis studies, 2) development and application of novel genetic association methods based on joint models and directional models of multiple phenotypes, and 3) evaluation of designs and statistical methods under response-dependent sampling, and 4) development of methods to model multivariate survival times.

Group Members

Former Post-doctoral, Graduate, Honours and Undergraduate Summer Students

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