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Several former Math League participants are now faculty members in the Department of Mathematics and Statistics at Memorial University of Newfoundland, and have been known to make appearances at Math League games. These include The Newfoundland and Labrador Senior High Mathematics League began in 1987 as a competition amongst the high schools in the St. John's area. It has grown since then into a province-wide competition with many schools competing in local leagues in several districts all over the province. The same game takes place simultaneously in each place, usually on Saturday mornings, with the schools competing at the district level. A provincial championship game (game 5 of each season) takes place towards the end of a school year, with the top schools from each district competing at a common site.

1987 news clippings from the Corner Brook area

There have even been leagues outside Newfoundland and Labrador (such as the Nova Scotia Mathematics League and the University of Ottawa League) using our games. We are happy to provide master copies of materials for a very modest fee. In 2004, the Newfoundland and Labrador Senior High League was joined by a similarly-organised Junior High League.

The NLTA Math Leagues stress cooperative problem solving. Each participating school sends one or two teams of four students each, who will work together on each problem. Students may, if they wish, submit individual answers. However, to reward cooperative work, a bonus mark is given for a correct team answer.

The NLTA Math Leagues are not curriculum-based. Students who participate should be interested in doing mathematics beyond the standard curriculum. They should study mathematics on their own, or under the guidance of their sponsoring teachers.

Attending an NLTA Math League contest is a very rewarding experience. Many participants also enjoy success in the Cayley, Fermat and Euclid national competitions as well as in the various stages of the Mathematics Olympiad selection process. It is very gratifying to be in a room full of young men and women, usually in equal numbers, doing mathematics, enjoying mathematics, and having fun.