Dr. Eduardo Martinez-Pedroza

Student Supervision at Memorial

PhD students

Master students

Undergraduate students

During the Summer, I usually supervise undergraduate students under the SURA (Student Undegraduate Research Award) program at Memorial, and the USRA (Undergraduate Student Research Award) program of NSERC. I have supervised honours projects in Pure mathematics and Applied mathematics. Projects under my supervision, in general, involve some geometry, topology or group theory.

  • Noah MacAuley (Honours project 2016-2017)
    Honours project: Isospectral Plane Domains, Transplantation, and Sunada's Method

  • Joshua W. Fleming. (SURA Summer 2015 and 2016)
    J.W. Fleming and E. Martinez-Pedroza. Finiteness of Homological Filling Functions. Involve. (2018)

  • Brandon Thorne. (Honours project 2015, co-supervised with Danny Dyer)
    Honours project: Coarse Geometry of the Firefighter Problem. 2015.
    D.Dyer, B.Thorne and E. Martinez-Pedroza. The Coarse Geometry of Hartnell's Firefighter Problem on Infinite Graphs. Discrete Mathematics. (2017)

  • Adam Gardner. (USRA 2012; Honours project 2014, co-supervised with H. Kunduri)
    Honours project: A Combinatorial Riemannian Penrose Inequality. 2014

  • Justin McGrath. (USRA, 2013; Honours project, 2014; USRA 2014)
    Honours project: Effective Coherence in Random Groups. 2014

  • Jonathan Poulin. (MUCEP, 80 hours, 2013)

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