["1915" appears atop the page, but is then overwritten to read "1916"...
evidently they finally caught on that they had been writing down the year
during which all the monies, etc were collected rather than the year during
which the vestry meeting was actually taking place]

The Minutes of Annual Vestry meeting of All Saints Church English Harbour
held in the School Room Feb 7th 1916
February 7th 3 pm


The Rev A Pitman was present and acted as Chairman of the Meeting with
a Fair number of members present


The Meeting was opened with prayer


Minutes of last meeting were read by the People's Warden Mr Francis Penny
and accepted


The Church Wardens accounts for the year were then read by Sect; and accepted

        Receipts        $41.54
        Expenses        $34.86
        Balance         $ 6.68

Proposed by Mr Jos Penny seconded by Mr Wm Batson       carried


The Amount of Sextons dues was then Read by Secty;
amount to [looks like "$13.75"] short of 65 cents which amount was
proposed by Mr Benj Penny seconded by Mr Herbert Barns to be paid
from Teachers overplus & the balance be carried to the Church Expenses


The amount collected for the Reader was Read by the Teacher which
amounted to $25.80


The Contributions towards the assestments were read by Mr John Penny of Alex;
(member of Finance Commette) showing the amount for the year of $97.00


Chairman than read Rules relating to Church Wardens & Vestries


The Election of Church Wardens was then put upon the floor


Mr Henry G Batson Volunteered to Act as Minister Warden for the ensuing year


Proposed by Mr H G Batson sec by Mr John Penny of Alex that
Mr Colin G Penny act as peoples warden for the coming year              carried


Proposed by Mr H G Batson sec by Mr Jacob Penny Sr that a vote of thanks
be given to the Church Wardens for their Services rendered the past year


After a little Discussion about a Sexton It was proposed by H G Batson
seconded by Mr Alexander Penny that the said Sexton be re-elected
under the same circumstances the coming year            carried


Proposed by Mr Wm Batson sec by H G Batson that Mr H R Wells be Re-elected
as sidesmen for the coming year         carried


Proposed by Mr Alexander Penny and sec by Mr Wm Batson that Mr Wm James Penny
be re-elected as sidesmen               carried


Proposed by Mr Wm James Penny sec by Mr Benj Penny that Mr Nicolas Penny
act as side-men for the coming year     carried


Proposed by H G Batson and sec by Mr Ernest Penny that Mr Willis Penny
act as sidemen for the coming year      carried


Proposed by Mr H G Batson sec by Mr Nicholas Penny that the collectors
for the past year be re-elected         carried


Proposed by Mr Nicholas Penny second by Mr John Penny that
Mr Ernest Penny be elected Cemetry Committee for the coming year

Proposed by Mr Willis Penny second by Nicholas Penny that
Mr Benjamin Penny be elected Cemetry Committee for the coming year

Proposed also by Mr Wm Batson seconded by Mr Henry Robert Wells that
Mr Albert Penny be re-elected as Cemetry Committee for the coming year


Proposed by Mr Francis Penny second by Mr Herbert Barnes that the sum of
$5.00 be paid the organist the coming year              carried


A Discussion about a new carpet for the Church and also about a new
Prayer Book for the Reading [looks like "Rew" or maybe "Revd"]

The Discussion about the carpet was moved by Mr Rueben [sic] Penny
to be (put-over)

and proposed by Mr Jos Penny second by Mr Rueben [sic] Penny that a new book
be provided for the Church              carried


The Expenses of Painting and Varnishing the Church the past year was
read by the Sectary amouting to $35 39 cents

The amount Received for the Purpose was $55.00
leaving a Balance of $19.61             carried


A Discussion about a New School Room was again placed upon the floor.
The matter about the same was very clearly expressed by the Chairman
which led the member into some idea about the obtaining of such

No further Business being brought up the Meeting adjourned by
singing of the Dox; followed by the Blessing

                        Arthur Pittman

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