[I think these are the 1909 minutes as they follow the 1908 minutes]

Minutes of the Annual Vestry meeting of the members of All Saints Church
Congregation held in the School room on Thursday Jan 28th @ 3 PM


The Rev G H Field who acted as Chairman and a F Good crowd of men of the
congregation was present


The Chairman opened the meeting with Prayer and E C Miller acted as Secretary


The Minutes of the last meeting was then read confirmed and signed by the


The Church Wardens accounts were then read showing

        Receipts        $25.63
        Expenses         23.80
        Balance         $ 1.83

and after a short discussion concerning a [looks like "tass"] which was
purchased it was proposed by Alex Penny (Jos) seconded by John F Penny
that the accounts as read be accepted   carried


The Sexton's and Reader's lists were then read by the Secretary showing
$12.71 for the Sexton which was made to $14 and for the Reader $24.50
the 50 [a cent sign appears here] overplus being handed over with the
balance from Ch Expenses


Contributions towards the assessment was then read by the chairman showing

        Married men     $59.50
        Young men        15.05
        Total           $74.55


It was then proposed by the Chairman seconded by Francis J Penny that a vote
of thanks be given to the Church Wardens and Sidesmen of the past year


The Chairman than nominated Mr Ernest Penny for his warden for the coming year
and as Mr Charles Penny having resigned from peoples warden it was found to
be a very difficult job to get someone to fill his vacancy


It was than proposed by Ernest Penny seconded by Wm Batson that Mr Alex Barnes
be re-elected Sexton for the ensuing year       carried


The Chairman than spoke about the Church-yard or Cemetry as regards to the
Bishop consecrating it on his visit in the fall and after a short debate
on the matter it dropped out.


The Chairman than announced how much the Church was in debt to him viz $5.61
$5.00 being for Insurance and 61 [a cent sign appears here] for paint
It was than proposed seconded & carried that the said amount be paid
The proceeds of [looks like "Tea"] on New Year's Day amounted to $60.05
and after the aforesaid amount was paid left a balance of $54.44 which was
handed to the peoples warden.


The Sexton then having asked the amount of his salary, and the people thinking
that 20 [a cent sign appears here] per man would not amount to $14.00
It was than proposed seconded & carried that each man should pay
25 [a cent sign appears here] toward Sextons fee


It was than proposed by Mr Alex Penny of Jos seconded by Mr Alex Penny of Rich
that Mr Joseph Penny be peoples warden for the yr       carried


It was than proposed seconded & carried that the [looks like "fee"]
sidesmen be elected viz
Allan Penny & John Penny of Chas to collect Readers Fee
and Stephen Ford and John Penny of Mark to collect Sexton's fee


It was than proposed by Mr Joseph Penny seconded by the Chairman that a vote
of thanks be extended to our Organist for her services during the past year


The Balances was than handed over the Ch Warden
viz $54.44 & $1.04


Nothing further being mentioned the Chairman closed meeting with Prayer

                        A B S Stirling

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