Minutes of the Annual Vestry Meeting of the Members of "All Saints Church"
Congregation held in the School Room on Monday Jan 27th 1908 at 2 PM


The Rev G H Field who acted as Chairman and a Representative body of men
of the Congregation


The Chairman opened the meeting with Prayer


It was moved by the Chairman and seconded by Mr Peter Wells that Mr E C Miller
would act as Secretary


The Minutes of the last meeting was then read by the Secretary confirmed by
the meeting and signed by the Chairman


The Church Wardens accounts were than read by E C Miller showing
        Receipts        $25.88
        Expenses         24.60
        Balance          $1 28 cents

It was than proposed seconded and carried that these accounts be accepted


The Readers and Sextons lists were than presented showing Readers
fee $23.75 which was made to $24.00 also Sexton's fees $13.25


Conbributions towards the Assessment fund was than read by the Chairman
showing Married Men     $65.20
        Young Men        20.00
        Total           $85 20 cts


The Chairman than spoke about the debt which was left on the organ at the last
meeting saying that it was paid for out of the Church Building Fund
leaving a Balance of 3 or 4 dollars to the Credit of the Fund


It was than proposed seconded and carried that a vote of thanks be given to
the Church Wardens and Sidesman of the past year


After a great many proposing and declining It was proposed by Mr Albert Penny
seconded by Mr John Francis Penny that Mr Charles Penny be elected as the
peoples warden for the coming year


It was than proposed by the Chairman seconded by Mr Wm Batson that
Mr Earnest Penny be the Ministers warden for the coming year          carried


It was then proposed seconded and carried that the following should be elected
as sidesmen
William James Penny and Stephen Ford to collect Readers fees
Albert Batson and Obadiah Penny to collect Sextons fees


It was then proposed by Mr Herbert Barnes seconded by Mr Henry Robt Wells
that Mr Alexander Barnes be Sexton for the coming year


The Chairman than spoke about getting a new burial ground
and it was than proposed seconded and carried that a committee of C be
elected to act withthe Church Wardens to look out a suitable place for a
burial ground
and the following were than elected
William Batson                  Alexander Barnes
Reuben Penny of Robt            Herbert Barnes
Francis Penny of Jas            Francis Penny of John


A flag staff was than spoken of by two or three of the members and one
particular one was spoken of by Mr Peter Wells and the Chairman was than
elected to correspond with the owner of the said staff namely Wm Cooper
to know if he could get it and the Chairman said providing he could get
the staff for a certain sum he would make the Church a present of it
And the Balance of the Church Building Fund with the Balance of the
Church Expenses to go to purchase a flag for the Church


Mothing further being brought forward the Chairman than closed the
meeting with Prayer

                        G H Field

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