Minutes of the Annual Vestry Meeting of "All Saints Church" congregation
English Harbour, held in the School room on Tuesday Jan 22nd 1907
at 4 oclock PM


The Rev G H Field who acted as Chairman and a considerable body of men
of the congregation


The chairman opened the meeting with Prayer


The minutes of the last meeting was then read by the Chairman, confirmed by
the Meeting and signed by the Chairman


Church Wardens accounts were then read by Mr E Miller showing:

        Receipts        $25.36
        Expenses        $22.42
        Balance         $ 2.94


The Readers and Sexton's list were then read by Mr Miller showing amount
for Reader $25.00 of which $18 was paid to Mr Hunt and $6 to Mr Miller
leaving a balance of $1 with the Balance of the former year which
was $2.20 making a total of $3.20
and amount for Sexton $13.10 which the Chairman made $14.00


The Chairman then read the List of contributions towards the assessment fund
                Married Men     $69.50
                Young Men       $12.00
                Total           $81.50


Other accounts were brought forward then (viz) 2 lamps which was paid for
out of the Balance on hand of the Church Building fund and secondly the
organ on which $25 54 cents was still owing
The cost of the former being $6.98
and the latter $127.79

Total from sale $102 28 cts


Proposed by the Chairman and seconded by Mr Henry Geo Batson that a vote
of thanks be given to the Church Wardens and Sidesmen of last year


Proposed by Mr Henry Geo Batson and seconded by Mr Alexander Barnes that
Mr Alexander Penny of Jos be re-elected as the people's church warden


Mr Herbert Barnes was then nominated by the Chairman as his warden
Thus the two wardens were elected


The following were proposed and duly elected as sidesmen:
Mr George Batson (Arch) and Mr Benjamin Penny to collect Readers fees
and Mr Ernest Penny and Mr Nathan Penny to collect Sexton's fees


The Chairman then renewed his promise which was to pay the balance of
the sexton's fees should it fall short of $14.00


There was then a short discussion about the Balance of the Reader's fees
which ended this way.  That it was handed over to the church warden
to provide anything necessary for the church or grave yard


The Balance of the Church Building fund was still left on had (viz) In the
hands or under control of the women of the congregation


Nothing futher being brought forward the Chairman closed the meeting with

                        G H Field

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