The Annual Vestry Meeting of All Saints Church Congregation of which due
Notice was given on the Sunday previous was held in the School Room on
Tuesday Janry 12th 1904 at 7 PM


Revd G H Field R.D. as chairman opened the meeting with prayer


The Minutes of last A.V. Meeting was read and confirmed


Chairman than read the Act of Synod relating to Church Wardens Vestrys & Etc


Chairman asked Mr Facey to read the amount of Ch Wardens Receipts and
Expenditure during the year shewing

        Reciepts for Ch Expenses        $14.10
        Amount Expended                 $13.78
        leaving a Balance of                32 [a cent sign appears here]

also, list of Reader and Sextons Fees shewing Reader $19.50
                                         "    Sexton $10.40
As the Sextons fee was short $1.60 the Chairman paid him that amount


Chairman than read the Names of those who had contributed toward the Ch seating
amount $65.42


Chairman than read the names of those who had pd Synod Assessment Dues
Amount $67.50


Chairman than read the Total receipts of Church Fund.
also, Total Expenditure
        Shewing Receipts        $1809.05
           "    Expended        $1652.82
        Balance in Hand         $ 156.23


Moved by the Chairman seconded by Robt W Facey that a vote of thanks be given
to the Ch Wardens for their Services for the past year


Moved by Jacob Penny Richd seconded by John F Penny that Alexdr Barnes be
Church Warden for the coming year               carried.


Moved by Obadiah Penny seconded by H.G. Batson that Ernest Penny be sideman
and to help collect the sextons Fee (Carried)


Moved by Andrew Batson seconded by Obadiah Penny that Samson Penny be
sidesman, and to help collect the Sextons Fee (Carried)


Moved by Herbert Barnes seconded by Wm Batson Wm that Albert Batson act as
Sidesman and to assist in Collecting Readers Fee        carried


Moved by H.G. Batson seconded by Herbert Barnes that Benjamin Penny act
as Sidesman, and to assist in collecting Readers Fee    carried


After a discussion about the Sextons Fee. The Chairman offered that he would
find $2.00 if the Congregation would find $12.00 So as to make the Sextons
Fee $14.00


As the Minister failed in getting a Warden to Act for him Alex Penny Jno
offered his services for the coming year


Chairman than closed the Meeting with Prayer

[futher down the page and written in pencil then appears the following:]

After the Meeting as Mr Jacob Penny Sr Minister Warden had resigned
Mr Alexdr Penny Jno offered to act as Minister Warden for the coming year
and was accepted

                W.J. Lockyer

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