The Annual Vestry Meeting of All Saints Church Congregation, of which due
notice was given on the Sunday previous was held in the School Room
3 PM Tuesday Janry 28th 1902


Revd G.H. Field R.D. Chairman, opened the Meeting with Prayer


The Minutes of the last A.V. Meeting was read and confirmed


The Hairman read the Act of Synod relating to Church Wardens and Vestries


The Chairman than read the amount of Church Wardens receipts and
expenditures shewing

        Receipts        $ 13.83
        Expenditure     $ 13.67
        Balance in Hand      16 [a cent sign appears here]


Proposed by the Chairman seconded by Robt W Facey that a vote of thanks be
tendered the Ch Wardens for their Services during the past year (Carried)


Chairman than Read the amount of dues the Sexton received, including two
dollars he gave him making a total of $8.00
also, the the Readers amount from 26 Members of the Congregation $12.15


Chairman than read over the Synod assessment Dues showing that
        Married M pd $41.70
        Young M pd   $11.00


Chairman than nominated Mr Jacob Penny his warden for the present year


Proposed by Mr Isaac Penny seconded by Mr Alexd Penny (Jos) that
Mr Peter Penny be re-elected (Carried)


Proposed by Mr Joseph Penny (James) seconded by Mr Peter Penny that
Mr Charles Penny be reelected Sexton


Proposed by Mr Isaac Penny seconded by Mr Alexd Penny that Robt Wells and
Reuben Penny Jr be elected Sidesmen to assit the Ch Wardens in Collections
for Sexton and other Ch expenses


Chairman spoke of the Insurance on the church and proposed that the
envelope be adopted again so as to provide for premium & Etc
No Motion


[The following text for item 13 is written in pencil...]

Chairman Read two letters he had received from Mr [looks like "Sidey"] in
reference to what was in the Ch Almanak and explained why he had put it there.


Chairman than closed the Meeting with prayer

                G H Field

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