The Annual Vestry Meeting of St Silas Congregation of which due notice was
given on the previous Sunday was held in the School Room on the
afternoon of Monday Janry 15 1900

1st  Revd G.H. Field Chairman opened the Meeting with Prayer

2nd  Minutes of last Meeting was read & confirmed

3rd  Chairman than read the Act of Synod relating to Church Wardens
     and Vestries.

4th  The Church Wardens Acct & receipts was read showing

        Receipts        $ 22.97
        Expenditure     $ 22.97

5    Chairman Moved a vote of thanks be given the Church Wardens for their
     Services for the Past year.  R W Facey Seconded the motion

6th  Chairman Nominated Mr Wm Batson Wm as his Warden for another year

7th  Moved by R W Facey seconded by Mr Francis Penny John that
     Mr Reuben Penny (Robt) be reelected peoples Warden (Carried)

8th  Chairman than read the Names of those who had subscribed toward Synod
     assessment Funds

        25 Married Men  $ 40.40
         5 Young Men    $  8.00
                 Total  $ 48.40

9th  Chairman read over the the Amount he had paid out toward the New Church,
     also what he still owed for Lumber & Etc showing that he had about
     $284 to [looks like "Cr."] when he get the Grants he was promised.
     But out of that Amount the Ceiling is to be purchased, also the
     Sashing & Boxing the Windows & Etc. showing that there is more
     Money needed to finish the Church.
     After a lengthy discussion about working on the Church the Winter and
     about paying the foreman it was decided that the Congregation divide
     in three crews and work three days during the week the Foreman to be
     paid for two days in each week untill the 1st of March

10th Reader Moved that he would like to have his fee collected out side
     quarterly Envelopes

11th As it was getting near night and a little stormy the Chairman left
     R W Facey in the Chair and Started for home

12th After a lengthy discussion about a Sexton & means to pay one the
     Meeting closed (some few parties promising they would act a Month,
     (Sexton) free providing enough would volunteer to take the twelve

                        G.H. Field
                        [his signature is in different ink than the minutes]

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