The Annual Vestry Meeting of the Congregation of St Silas Church Eng Harbor
Held in the School Room on Febry 3rd 1899 At 2.30 PM

1st  The Chairman Revd G.H Field opened the Meeting with Prayer

2nd  The Minutes of the last meeting were read and confirmed

3rd  Chairman read the Act of Synod relating to Church Wardens & Vestries

4th  Chairman read Church Warden Accounts for the past year
     showing Receipts $30.08
          Expenditure $30.08

5th  Chairman than moved that a vote of thanks be given the Church Wardens
     for their Services during the past year. Seconded by R W Facey

6th  Chairman Nominated Mr Wm Batson Wm as his Warden for another year

7th  Proposed by Alex Penny (Joseph) seconded by Alex Penny (Jno)
     that Reuben Penny (Robt) be elected people Warden (Carried)

8th  Chairman than read the Names of those who had contributed toward
     the General Church Fund    Married Men  41.90
                                Young Men     9.90

9th  Proposed by H.G. Batson seconded by Jacob Penny Sr that the Sexton
     Joseph Penny be re-elected (Carried)

10th Chairman read a letter that his Lordship the Bishop had sent to all
     the Clergy relating to an assessment from the people toward the
     support of the Clergy It being adopted at the last Sitting of the Synod.
     After explaining to the Meeting the reasons for adopting the assessment.
     There being no other business the Chairman closed the meeting with Prayer

                        G H Field

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