Minutes of a Meeting of the Building Committee of St Silas Congregation
Eng Harbor held in the School Thursday Nov 24/98 at 2.30 PM

quiet [sic] a number of the Congregation present


Revd G.H. Field opened the Meeting with prayer


The Chairman than said that the object of the meeting was to consider what
could be done with the Tower of the Old Church, it was thought if it could
remain in position, it would save Money on the New Building

The Chairman than Moved that it be put to the vote to see if those present
vote it to remain standing      (No Motion)

The Chairman than asked those in favor of taking the whole Building down to
show it by a show of Hands      (No Motion)

After a lengthy discussion it was decided that it was a foreman Builders
place to pass a judment [sic] on the Tower after examining it


It was than Moved by Mr H.G. Batson seconded by the Chairman that the
Stone for a foundation may be gathered.  and if possible make a beginning
next day        (Carried)

The Chairman than closed the Meeting with Prayer

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