Minutes of a Meeting of the Congregation of St Silas' Church Eng Harbor held
in the School Room Thursday Novr 4th 1897 at 6.30 P.M.

1st  Meeting opened with Prayer by the Chairman Revd G.H. Field
     Present 33

2nd  Moved by the Chairman that the Church Services be held in the School
     Room during the winter, as the Old Church was cold and uncomfortable

3rd  It was agreed that a few of the Pews be taken from the South Side of the
     Church and placed in the School Room and the Lumber lying in the School
     Room to be removed to the Church

4th  After a lengthy discussion about the couples for the New Church it was
     decided that the Chairman write to Mr Reid to enquire the cost of
     Couples & Wall plates when landed in Clarenville.

5    Meeting closed with prayer by the Chairman

                        G.H. Field

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