Minutes of an Annual Vestry Meeting of the Congregation of St Silas' Church
English Harbor held in the Schoolroom Thursday Janry 7/97 3.PM


The Chairman opened the meeting with Prayer


The Minutes of last Annual Vestry Meeting, also Minutes of a Meeting held
Febry 20/96 was then read and confirmed


The Chairman then read the Act of Synod relating to Church Wardens,
Vestries & Etc


Read Church Wardens Acc for the Past year
        Receipt         $ 41.80
        Payments        $ 41.80
leaving a debt of $2.60 on Reader Fee
        &  "    " $1.35 "  Sexton  "


Moved that a Vote of thanks
[in the margin is written "by R W Facey seconded by H G Batson"]
be given the church warden for service during the Past


Moved by H.G. Batson seconded by Jacob Penny Sr that Mr Alex Penny
be re-elected   carried


The Chairman then Nominated Mr Isaac Penny as his Warden for another year


Proposed by R W Facey seconded by H.G. Batson that Mr Jacob Penny Sr &
Mr Peter Penny be re-elected Sidesmen   carried


Proposed by Francis Penny seconded by Peter Penny, that Mr Joseph Penny Sexton
be re-appointed         carried


Read List of Church Dues for the Past year
out of 42 Envelopes to married men 22 was returned containing $38.40
[the 42 above looks like "41" was first written and then a "2" was written
overtop of the "1"]
out of [blank] to young men 7 returned [a quote mark, denoting "containing"] $11.00
Total $49.40


Moved by R W Facey and seconded by Alex Penny that the chairman make out a
List of the Non Payers and appoint a day for the C Warden or Sidesman to go
to these Non Payers to Collect their Envelopes          carried


After a lengthy discussion about cutting down expenses and about keeping the
Church open during the Winter.  The Chairman closed the Meeting with Prayer

                        G.H. Field

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