Minutes of a Meeting of the Congregation of St Silas Church Eng Harbor
held in the School Room 7.30 PM Thursday Febry 20/96

1st  The Chairman opened the Meeting with prayer

2nd  The Chairman explained the object of the Meeting, that it was to appoint
     a building Committee to see what could be done toward providing Lumber
     & Etc for a New Church

3rd  The Chairman than said that there was a likelihood of getting a little
     assistance toward the building providing it was a Free Church

4th  Moved by Mr Alex Penny seconded by [two horizonal lines then appear]
     that it be a Free Church
     carried unanimously

5th  Chairman                          - Revd G H Field
     & Church wardens                    Alex Penny Jno Sr
     to be on the Committee              Isaac Penny

      1 Moved by Isaac Penny           - that Alex Penny Jos
        Seconded by Alex Penny           be on the committee     carried

      2 Moved by Joseph Penny Rich     - that Wm Batson [I can't tell if what follows is "of Mk Wm" or "Wm of Mk"]
        Seconded by Francis Penny Jno    be on the committee     carried

      3 Moved by Joseph Penny James    - H.G. Batson
        Seconded by Isaac Penny

      4 Moved by Peter Penny           - Charles Penny
        Seconded by Joseph Penny

      5 Moved by Alex Penny            - Jacob Penny Rich
        Seconded by Wm Penny Jno

      6 Moved by Wm Batson Mk          - Joseph Penny James
        Seconded by Albert Batson

      7 Moved by H.G. Batson           - Albert Penny Wm
        Seconded by [sloppily written looks like "Francis Penny James]

      8 Moved by Joseph Penny Rich     - Andrew Batson
        Seconded by Jno Penny Geo

      9 Moved by Jacop Penny Sr        - Reuben Penny James
        Seconded by Jno Penny

     10 Moved by Wm Batson Mk          - Jno Barnes Jno
        Seconded by Jacob Penny Rich

     11 Moved by Alex Penny Jno Sr     - Wm Wells
        Seconded by R W Facey

     12 Moved by Wm Penny Jno          - Reuben Penny Robt
        Seconded by Wm Batson Wm

6th  Moved by Alex Penny Jos seconded by Jno Penny Geo that a frame be
     cut 55 x 25 and 13 ft post         carried

7th  Notice to be given in church of a Meeting in the School Room when the
     Committee see an opportunity of getting to the woods to make a haul,
     so as to fix the crews and to see what Lumber was needed

8th  The Chairman than closed the Meeting with prayer

                        G H Field

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