Minutes of the Annual Vestry Meeting of the Congregation of St Silas Church
Eng Harbor held in the Schoolroom
Thursday Febry 6/96 3 PM


The Chairman opened the Meeting with Prayer.


The Minutes of last Meeting was read and confirmed.


The Chairman read the Act of Synod relating to Church Wardens & Vestries


The Chairman than read the churchwardens Accounts for the past year showing
        Reciepts        $ 51.16
        Payments        $ 31.29
        Balance in Hand $ 19.87

The Sum of $8.00 however was due the Sexton, and $19.51 due the Reader
The Chairman than Paid the Sexton $8.00 out of the Bal in Hand and the
Readdder the remainder $11.87 saying he would make good the Balance
of $7.64 due the Reader


Moved by the Chairman seconded by Mr Wm Batson that a vote of thanks be given
the Church Wardens for service during the past year


The Chairman than read list of all contribution by Qrtly Collections in
Envelopes, and also list of those contributing to the General Church Fund,
which latter amounted to $60.40 which was less than it ought to have been
owing to so many empty envelopes.


The Chairman nominated Mr Isaac Penny as his warden for another year


Moved by Mr H G Batson seconded by Robt W Facey that Mr Alex Penny Jno Sr
be elected Peoples warden (carried)


Moved by Mr Wm Batson seconded by Mr Joseph Penny Sr that Mr Jacob Penny
& Mr Peter Penny be re-elected as sidesmen (carried)


Moved by Robt W Facey seconded by Mr Peter Penny that the
Sexton Mr Joseph Penny be re-elected (carried)


The Chairman than Moved that a Meeting be held on the first Thursday in
Lent (Febry 20th) to appoint a building Committee and to consider Ways & Means
to provide something toward a new Church (Carried)


The Chairman than read the totals of contribution for past year
Quarterly Coll [very lightly, in pencil, appears what looks like "5.49"],
Church Dues [very lightly in pencil appears what looks like "60.90"]
Alms 15.82
Home & F M Fund [very lightly in pencil appears what looks like "7.25"]
clergy widows & O Funds 2.12
and Sunday School .80
Total $137.40


The Meeting than closed with Prayer

                G H Field

[at the bottom of the page then appears the following note:]

Received from Revd G H Field the sum of seven dollars & sixty four cents due
me as Reader
                Robt W Facey

Febry 20/96   $6.74

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