Eng Harbor
School Room
3.15 PM March 14 1893

An Annual Vestry Meeting of St Silas Church of which due notice had been
given on the previous Sunday was held this Evening
Revd J Godden R.D. Presiding

Present Robt W Facey Reader
William Batson Mk, William Wells Church Wardens
Jacob Penny Rich
Alex Penny Jos of Rich
Wm Batson Wm of Mk
Albert Penny Jno Sr
Francis Penny "  "
John [an initial is given written the same as in the previous minutes, it may be a "W" or an "N"?] Penny
Arthur Penny Jno of Jno
Peter Penny
Joseph Penny Sexton

Meeting opened with Prayer by the Chairman

Minutes of former meeting was then read & passed

Church Wardens Expenditures and receipts were then read

        Receipts        $ 27.98
        Expenditure     $ 20.94
        Balance         $  7.04
        Paid Joseph Penny Sexton $5 out of balance

Amount contributed to to Reader & Sexton was then read

        Reader  $ 21.72
        Sexton  $  2.00 + $5.00 = $7 total

Proposed by Jacob Penny seconded by Francis Penny that the Acc be passed
as read  carried

The Revd Chairman then read the Act relating to Ch Wardens & Vestry's

Moved by Robt W Facey seconded by Jacob Penny that a vote of thanks be
given the Church Wardens for their Services the past year  (carried)

Proposed by Francis Penny seconded by Robt W Facey that Wm Wells be reelected

The Revd Chairman then nominated Wm Batson Mk to act as Ministers Warden
for the coming year

Moved by Robt W Facey seconded by Wm Batson that Jacob Penny & Peter Penny
be reelected as sidesmen        carried

Moved by Wm Batson that the sexton be paid the Balance due him on
fees, of $5 out of the balance of receipts in hand (as above)

Moved by Wm Batson Mk seconded by Francis Penny Jno Sr that the Sexton
be reelected and to receive the usual stipend of $7.00.  He thought it too
small an amount, they then offered him $9.00 & he wouldn't accept it
without a guarantee from the vestry that he be paid qrtly or from the
qrtly collections.  So after a some what lengthy discussion there was
nothing done.

The Chairman then spoke to the vestry about the Premium on the Insurance,
as it was advanced from 7/8 % [ie 7 eighths of a percent]
to 2 1/4 % [ie 2 and a quarter percent] there would be no Insurance on
the Church this year.

The Chairman then read his list of contributions toward the Synod
14 persons  $28

As the Chairman was anxious to get home, the business of the vestry being
pretty well settled he gave the chair to Mr Wm Batson

After talking over matters it was agreed that the Sexton act in his
office until Sunday next as there was no one present would accept the
office and during the interval the Ch Wardens would try to get some one
to act as sexton, of Joseph Penny couldn't agree to their terms

The meeting then closed in the usual form

        G H Field

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