School Room
Eng Harbor
3 PM Feby 1st 1892

The Annual Vestry Meeting of St Silas Chuch Eng Har of which due Notice
was given during divine Service on the previous Sunday was held in the
School Room

Revd J Godden R.D. Presiding

Present Robt W Facey Reader
H G Batson, Jacob Penny Rich Church Wardens
Joseph Penny Sexton
Wm Batson Mk
Wm Batson Wm of Mk
Wm Wells (Mk)
Francis Penny Jno So
Albert Penny    "
Alex Penny Joseph
John Penny Geo
Francis Penny late James
Arthur Penny Jno of Jno
Joseph Batson
Peter Penny
Charles Penny
Alex Barnes
Joseph Penny late James

The Meeting opened with Prayer after which Minutes of former Meeting were
read & passed

Church Wardens Expenditure & Receipts were then read

        Receipts        $ 21.23
        Expenditure     $ 14.72
        Balance in Hand $  6.51
        Pd Joseph       $  4.00
        [in the right margin is written "leaving Balance $2.51"]

Proposed by Wm Batson Mk seconded by Jno [an initial appears here, but I'm
not sure what it is, maybe a "W" or an "N"?] Penny that the accounts be
passed as Read          carried

Act relating to ch Wardens & vestry was then read by the chairman
Proposed by Robt W Facey seconded by Wm Batson Mk that a vote of thanks
be given the church wardens for their services the past year
carried unanimously

Proposed by H G Batson seconded by Joseph Penny Richd that Wm Wells of Mk
be Warden for the coming year  carried

Revd J Godden then appointed Mr Wm Batson Mk to be his warden for the coming

List of a Subscription was then read amount of which was $10.22 raised by the
women of the congregation for the purchase of a Lamp for the Church which
was handed over to the present wardens

List of Readers Subscription was then read which amount was $19.10
short $4.90 of what it should be & $6.11 short last year Total $11.01 short
[above the "$4.90" is written in pencil what looks like "10 pd"]

List of Sexton Subscription then read over amount $2.00 short $5.00
It was then proposed by Jacob Penny seconded by Wm Batson Mk that the Sexton
be paid $4.00 out of the Balance in Hance on Church receipts

Moved by Peter Penny seconded by Wm Batson Mk that Joseph Penny be
reelected for Sexton  carried

Moved by Jacob Penny seconded by H G Batson that Mr Mott be reelected as
delegate for the Synod

Revd J Godden then read the list of those who contributed to the Synod
the previous year.  He then put it to the meeting about the indebtedness
to the Reader & Sexton & Moved that Sidesmen be appointed
seconded by Joseph Penny that Mr Jacob Penny (Rich) & Peter Penny be
Sidesmen to assist in collecting [looks like "Firewood"]
for Reader & Sexton for the coming year

Meeting then closed with Prayer b the Chairman Revd J Godden

                        John Godden

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