School Room English Harbor
3.15 PM Feby 16th 1891

The Annual Vestry Meeting of St Silas Church English Harbor of which due notice
was given during Divine Service on the previous Sunday was held in the School
Room at English Harbor on the afternoon of Febry 16th at 3.15 PM
the Revd J Godden R.D. presiding

Meeting opened with Prayer

Present Robt W Facey Lay Reader
Jacob Penny, Henry G Batson Church Wardens
Joseph Penny Sexton
Peter Penny
Wm Beston Mark
Wm Beston (Wm of Mark)
Francis Penny (Jno Sr)
Joseph Penny  (  "   )
Alex Penny Joseph
Wm Wells Mark
John Batson C.C.        [this may refer to "Cross Cove"]

[in the left margin is written "12 only 6 entitled to vote"... six persons
have marks to the left of their names:
        Robt W Facey Lay Reader
        Jacob Penny Church Warden
        Henry G Batson Church Warden
        Peter Penny
        Wm Beston Mark
        Wm Beston (Wm of Mark) ]

The Meeting opened with Prayer after which Minutes of the former Meeting was
read, after which the Church Wardens Expenditure & receipts were then read

        Receipts          $ 29.11
        Expenditure       $ 27.11
        Balance in Hand   $  2.00

Moved by Mr Wm Beston Mark seconded by Peter Penny that the accounts be
passed as read.  carried

Revd J Godden then read the act relating to Church Wardens.
The Church Wardens wished to resign but as no one present would accept
that office, they are to remain in office utill [sic ... I'm assuming
that "until" was meant] their successors are elected.

Proposed by Revd J Godden seconded by Wm Batson that a vote of thanks
be given to the Church Wardens for their services the past year.

Amount contributed for Reader & Sexton was then read   $23.40
which was $7.60 short of what it ought to be

It was then proposed by Wm Batson Mark seconded by H G Batson that the
Sexton be paid $4.00 of that amount

Moved by Wm Batson Mark seconded by Peter Penny that that the Sexton
recieve the Balance of the Church Warden receipts to help pay his fee

Moved by Jacob Penny seconded by Wm Batson that the Sexton be reappointed

Revd J Godden being anxious to get on to Salmon Cove East put Mr Jacob Penny
in the chair

After a lengthy discussion about the Reader's Dues, it be $6.11 short of
what it should be.  it was proposed by Wm Batson, Wm of Mark seconded by
Wm Batson [in pencil is written "Mk"] that the Reader be Paid when they
have Money enough in Hand to pay it.  carried

After talking over ways & means for another year the Meeting closed in
the usual form.

                        Mr Jacob Penny

                        John Godden

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