June 1st 3.30 pm 1889

A Vestry Meeting was held in the School Room English Harbor

Present Revd J Godden R.D. Chairman
Church Wardens Jacob Penny, Wm Beston Mk
Lay Reader Robt W Facey
Sexton Joseph Penny
Four in all

The Meeting opened with prayer after which the minutes of the former meeting
were read & passed

Church Wardens Church expenditure and receipts were then read & passed

        Receipts        $ 11.21
        Expenditure     $ 11.60
        Balance Due C Warden 39 cents

Proposed by Joseph Penny seconded by Wm Beston that the minutes and Accounts
be passed as read. carried

Jocob Penny nominated as Ministers Warden for the coming year

Proposed by Jacob Penny seconded by Robt W Facey that
Wm Beston Mk be reelected as Church Warden for the coming year.  carried

After some discussion about the Sexton and Lay Reader's dues not being paid
up it was proposed by the Chairman Revd J Godden that he give notice of
quarterly Collections in St Silas Church to pay of Sexton & Reader

Sexton Short $2.  Paid June 1889
Reader Short $4.59

The Meeting closed with Prayer by the Chairman Revd J Godden R.D.

                        John Godden

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