On Tuesday Jany 17th 2.45 pm 1888 A Vestry Meeting was held in the
School Room E Har

Present Revd J Godden R.D.
Church Wardens Jacob Penny Rich, James Penny (Cath)
Lay Reader Robt W Facey
Wm Beston (Mark)
Archd Beston
Wm Penny (Robt)
Mark Penny
Francis Penny (Jno Sr)
Albert Penny (Jno Sr)
Thomas Wells
H Geo Batson
Isaac Penny
Arthur Penny J of Jno
Peter Penny
Alex Penny (Jos of Rich)
John Barnes (Jno Sr)
John W Penny
Joseph Beston Wm
Joseph Penny (late James)
Joseph Penny (Jno Sr)
Francis Penny (late James)
Wm Penny (James of Cath)
Arthur Penny (J W Penny)
Nathaniel Penny
John Beston (Joseph)
Sexton Joseph Penny (Rich)
Robt Wells

Twenty seven in all, of which only Five members was entitled to a vote.

[note that the following five persons had a dot preceding their name in the
above list... so perhaps these are the voting 5? ...
   Ch Warden Jacob Penny Rich
   Lay Reader Robt W Facey
   Wm Beston (Mark)
   H Geo Batson
   Robt Wells  ]

The meeting opened with Prayer after which minutes of the former meeting were
read.  Church Wardens Church Expenditures and receipts were then read

        Receipts         5.19.2 1/2  [ie 5 pounds, 19s, 2.5d]
        Expenditure      4.10.7
        Balance in hand  1.8.7 1/2

Proposed by Mr Wm Beston (Mk) seconded by Mr Joseph Penny (Rich) that the
minutes and accounts be passed as read.  carried unanimously

Mr Jacob Penny nominated as Ministers Warden

Proposed by Mr Robt W Facey seconded by Mr Jacob Penny that Mr Wm Beston
be Church Warden for the coming year.  carried

Moved by Mr Robt W Facey seconded by Archd Beston that the Sexton be
reappointed. carried

Proposed by Mr Jacob Penny seconded by Mr Wm Beston (Mk) that
Mr Robt Wells be sidesman. carried

The Chairman then read the amounts received by him from the congregation
which was short of what it ought to be.

After a short discussion about selecting two gentlemen as representatives
for the Synod the Meeting closed with Prayer by the Revd J Godden R.D.

                John Godden

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