School House English Harbor
Feby 9th 1885

Annual Vestry Meeting held at 3 pm on Monday Feby 9th

Revd Walter R Smith in the Chair

Present Mr Wm Batson, Mr Albert Penny Wardens
Mr Facey Reader
Messrs Francis Penny, Henry G Beston Sidesmen
Mr Joseph Penny Sexton
and Thirty Eight others
Forty four in all

Minister then read the church Wardens Church expenditure & Receipts
                           s d [a pound sign appears atop the first column]
Total Receipts          8  3 4
Total Expenditure       6  4 7
        Balance         1 18 9

Home & Foreign Mission Fund
[a pound sign appears here] 1.1.8 mady Feby 8/85

Proposed by Joseph Beston
Seconded by Joseph Penny (Rich)
& carried unanimously
that the accounts be passed as read

Minister then read list of those who had paid Minister & Lay Readers Dues
whereby it appears that
[a pound sign appears here] 23.0.4 had been made up
[a pound sign appears here] 17.0.4 to Minister
[a pound sign appears here]  6.0.0 to the Reader
The Minister expressed himself well pleased with the Payments made

Women's Collection was then read
[a pound sign appears here] 4.1.10
from outside 15/-
total [a pound sign appears here] 4.16.10
for carpeting & chairs &c for the communion

Sexton contributions then read whereas it appear that 31 persons had
Paid 6d each and 12 persons had paid 9d each.  Robt Facey 1/- making a
total of [a pound sign appears here] 1.5.6

Proposed by Mr Alexander Penny (Jno Sr)
& seconded by Wm Beston C Warden
that two collectors be appointed to collect at least 6d each for the Sexton
from all Males 14 years & upwards

Mr Charles Penny & Mr Joseph Penny Jno of Jno to be the collecters for the

It was then Proposed by Mr William Penny (late Robt) and seconded
by Mr H G Beston that the Road Money after being worked be given to the
clergyman as during the Past Five years.

Mr Wm Beston Ch Warden & Mr Wm Penny Sr to collect for the Minister

Mr H G Beston Sidesman resigned

It was Proposed that Mr Joseph Beston Wm take his place

A List of Names was Presented by Mr Facey of 27 Persons of the Congregation
who had hauled 26 Loads of Firewood the Previous year.  Also Mr Facey
tendered his sincere thanks to these persons for their kindness.  It was
then proposed by Ch Warden Batson seconded by Mr John Penny that a haul
of firewood be hauled for the Reader

Mr William Penny Sr here promised to find the remainder of the money say ten or
twelve pounds (to get the Bell) on condition that the people make up the
amount to him by Oct 1st 1885

Mr Wm Beston Ch Warden declared his willingness to collect from those who have
not yet paid & to give an additional sum if required.

The Meeting unanimously accepted Mr Wm Pennys offer

Proposed by the Chairman & seconded by Mr Alex Penny (Jno Sr) that a vote
of thanks be given to Mr Wm Penny for his generous offer. carried unanimously

Meeting opened with prayer & closed with Hymn & Prayer & the Blessing by
the Revd W R Smith Chairman

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