[these minutes are written in a combination of black ink, blue ink, and pencil]

School Room English Harbor
January 19th 1884

The Annual Vestry meeting of St. Silas Church English Harbor was held in the
Ch: of England School Room at English Harbor at half past Seven pm on
Saturday Jany nineteenth AD 1884

Rev Walter R Smith presiding

Jacob Penny & William Penny Church Wardens
Wm Penny Senr & William Batson Mark Collectors of Clergy Dues
and Forty seven others
51 in all

Ch wardens accounts of Receipts for the Bell and other Church furniture and
Expenditures read.
Total receipts  36 -  3 - 7  [a pound sign preceeds the 36]
Expended         2 - 18 - 3  [a pound sign preceeds the  2]
Balance in hand 33 -  3 - 4  [a pound sign preceeds the 33]
of which 27 - 0 - 6 is invested in the Savings Bank.
[several of the above numbers are overwritten on other numbers... in the end,
what I've transcribed would seem incorrect given that the amounts don't
add up correctly]

Proposed by Wm Batson
Seconded by Arch Batson
That Church Wardens account be passed as Read

The Minister then read list of those who had paid Minister and Lay Readers Dues
whereby it appears that [a pound sign appears here] 25 17 7 had been paid as
such dues by 73 persons
[a pound sign appears here] 6.0.0 pd to Reader
[a pound sign appears here] 19.17.7 to Minister
Minister expressed himself well satisfied with the payments made
So a vote of thanks was then passed with acclamation to the Retiring
Ch Wardens Messrs Jacob & William Penny,
also to the Collectors of Clery Dues Messrs W Penny Senr & Wm Batson for
their valuable services

Messrs Abert [sic... I assume this was meant to be "Albert"] Penny
& William Beston Mark were unanimously elected as Peoples & Ministers
Warden, Mr Penny being peoples Warden & Mr Batson Ministers Warden
for the next term

on proposition of the Minister it was resolved for the first time in the
history of St. Silas Ch to elect Sidesmen

The following were unanimously elected as Sidesmen or Ch Wardens assistants
        Mr Henry G Batson
        Mr Francis Penny

Payments to Sexton then read.  He received
[a pound sign appears here] 1.11.2 for his services during the past year
18 men complied with the vestry rule & pd 9 pence each
1 pd 1/-  1 pd 8 pence and 32 pd 6 pence each

On examination it was found that only 3 persons Messrs
John Batson (Mark) William Penny Wm & Mark Penny had given Mr Facey a load
of firewood in 1883

Proposed by Francis Penny
Seconded by John Batson (Jos)
and carried unanimously
That the Rule of the vestry in reference to firewood for the Lay Reader made
in 1882 on Jany 27th be carried out also in this winter of 1884, and that
Mr Facey hold a week day service in addition to the three Sunday services.

The pew occupied by the late Richard Penny is now to be occupied by his son
Joseph Penny.  Jacob & [looks like "Geo"] Penny being present assenting
to this arrangement.

The Vestry also consented to the following in reference to the pew
unocupied [sic] on Dec 18 1882
William Penny of John take the seat of Henry G Batson and Stephen Ford the
seat of Joseph Ivamy
This arrangement was made in reference to those new pews room fo which had been
made by alteration in the placeing of the Font &c & at the request of
Messrs H G Beston & Isaac Penny

Proposed by Francis Penny
Seconded by Joseph Penny Sexton
That the Road money go to pay clergyman & Lay Reader as during the last four
carried unanimously

Meeting opened with prayer and at ten oclock closed with singing prayer &
the blessing by the Minister.

                Revd Walter R Smith

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