February 8th 1883

The annual vestry meeting of which due notice had been given during Divine
Service at St Silas Church English Harbor was holden in the Church of
England School House at English Harbor at Seven oclock pm on Thursday
February Eighth AD 1883

Present Rev Walter R: Smith
Robert Facey Lay Reader
Jacob Penny Richard, Wm Penny (Robt) Church Wardens
and 45 others whose names are appended to the end of these minutes.
The ladies of the congregation were present as last year by invitation of the

The Rev. Henry C H Johnson Incumbent of St. Pauls Trinity who
was also present.

Minutes of last two meetings read and confirmed.  The Church Wardens accounts
were then read showing a Total Income for the year including Balance from
1881 to be [a pound sign appears here] 5 10 7.
Expenditure [a pound sign appears here] 5 1 8.
Balance in hand 8/11.

account of labor given at tower in Feby, March & April 1882 also read.

Proposed by Joseph Penny (Richd)
Seconded by John Batson (Mark) & carried unanimously that the wardens'
account of money & Labor &c be adopted as Read by the Chairman

Mr Facey, Lay Reader, also presented an account of 12 Loads of Rails
for fencing school land given by some members of the congregation
also by some other members 15 loads of firewood for the Teacher in accordance
with the decision of the vestry made last winter.  This Report adopted by the
vestry.  it was also unanimously resolved that more Rails & Firewood for the
Teacher be procured in the same way this winter.

The Minister then read the account of the offerings made by the Congregation
of St. Silas E. Harbor in 1882 towards the support of the Clergy & Payment
of the Lay Reader Mr Facey.

The Total of such offerings for the Clerty & Reader in 1882 was 23.5.0
[a pound sign appears above the 23] from 75 males, 11 under 18 years of age
        Amount paid to reader   6.0.0
        Clergy Dues            17.5.0 being
[a pound sign appears here] 1.16.8 less than last year.

The Chairman expressed himself very well pleased with the offerings for 1882.

Here, at the request of the Chairman, the Rev H.C.H Johnson gave an excellent
and very earnest address commending the ["exertion" ?] made by the
congregation in Church matters & urging them to profit by the excellent
opportunity now afforded them of educating their children. he also spoke
of the advantages of Education.

Proposed by Mr Facey
Secondedn by Mr John Batson (Mark)
That the best thanks of this vestry be given to the Rev Mr Johnson for his
attendance tonight & for his excellent address.
This proposition was carried by acclamation all present including ladies at
the request of the Chairman standing up to vote

Proposed by Joseph Penny (Richd)
Seconded by Jacob Penny (Richd)
and carried unanimously
That the Clergyman's Dues and payment to the Lay Reader for his services be
made in the same manner as for the last Three years.

The Chairman tendered his sincere thanks to Messrs William Penny Senr &
John Batson Mark for the valuable service rendered by them in gathering in
the Clergy & Reader's Dues and also of their having been foremost in every
good work in connection with the Church for many years.

Account of Sexton's salary read whereby it appeared that only 48 men had paid
their 6d each & therefore the Sexton had only received 24/- instead of 30/-

Proposed by John Batson (Mark) Seconded by Wm Penny Senr & Carried by a
two thirds majority of those present that in future the Sexton receive
Nine pence from each man instead of 6 as heretofore.

The meeting opened with prayer and was several times addressed by the
Chairman who also remarked upon the work done since xmas at ceiling the
School House

after a final address by the Rev Mr Johnson and after being open three
hours & a half the meeting was closed by singing the Evening Hymn and
Prayer & Blessing by the Chairman

                        Walter R: Smith

Names of those present at the Meeting besides the Minister, Reader
and Church Wardens

[several blank lines follow]

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