Dec 18th 1882

A Special vestry meeting of which due notice was given on the previous
Day during Divine Service in the Church was holden in the School Room
at English Harbor at half past six oclock on Monday Evening December 18th 1882
At which meeting the following business was transacted

Meeting opened with prayer by the Chairman the Rev Walter R: Smith

Mr Churchwarden William Penny
Robert Facey Lay Reader
William Penny Senr
John Bestone (Mark)
Wm Bestone ([looks like "John"])
Solomon Penny (Catherine)
Abram Penny (John)
Francis Penny (Jno Sen)
Wm Wells (Mark)
Joseph Penny (Jno of Jno)
James Penny (Catherine)
Wm Penny (Jas of Wm)
Samuel Beston (Mark)
George Penny (Rich)
Archibald Beston (Jos)
Wm Penny (Jno Senr)
Isaac Penny (Saml)
Wm Bestone (Mark)
Joseph Penny (Rich)
Alexander Penny (John Senr)
John Penny (late George)
Mark Penny (Jno of Jno)
Stephen Ford (of George)
Albert Penny (Jno Senr)
Henry George Beston
Arthur Penny (Jno of Jno)
Wm Bestone of Joseph
Reuben Penny (Robt)
John Beston (late Jas)
Jno Beston (Joseph)
Joseph Bestone of Wm
Wm Penny (Jno Senr)
Peter Penny (Wm)
Joseph Penny (late Jas)
Richard Barnes (late Wm)
Daniel Penny (Joseph)
John Bestone (Wm)
John Penny (James)
Joseph Penny (John Senr)

38 in all [however, 39 names are listed above]

It was debated as to how or in what manner the School House was to be ceiled
and made fit to teach in.
Proposed by Archibald Bestone
Seconded by James Penny (late Wm)
That the school be ceiled by the Church people of English Harbor
Carried unanimously

The following were then chosen as Skipper of crew who volunteer to work
at Ceiling the School House
                William Wells   1st chosen
                James Penny     2   chosen (Catherine)
                Alexander Penny 3rd chosen
                Abraham Penny
                Robert Penny
                Albert Penny (Jno Senr)
Each skipper then chose his crew of Six men besides himself

Proposed by Jno Bestone (Mark)
Seconded by Wm Bestone (Mark)
That the crews begin work in the order in which they have been chosen
beginning with William Wells & his crew
That the first crew commence work on Dec 27th 1882 - then each crew follow
in order [looks like "cho" was written but then overwritten with "as"]
chosen until the work is completed
carried unanimously

The vestry then reaffirmed the decision made last meeting that James Penny
take first choice of [crossed out is "those seats"] that
[crossed out is "are now"] seats room now vacant by the Removal to their
present situation of the Gallery stairs and Font platform.
Room for seven seats is now thereby made and the following six persons
were unanimously chosen to take six of those places. the seventh to be
hereafter disposed of by the vestry.

        James Penny (late William) to take      First choice of seat
        Henry George Bestone (Jno of Mark)      Second choice
        William Penny (of John)                 Third choice
        Arthur Penny John of John               Fourth Choice
        Isaac Penny                             Fifth Choice
        Joseph Ivamy                            Sixth Choice

It was unanimously Resolved that these persons above named to whom seat room
has now been allotted do place their pews in their proper places Before the
annual vestry meeting of 1884 - or a little over a year from the present date.

The pews are to be made and placed in position at the cost of the intending

The clergyman then directed the Reader Mr Facey to give notice on the
following Sunday
That immediately after Service in the afternoon of the said day.  These Six
persons shall in the presence of the Reader and Church Wardens and such of the
pew holders as care to remain make their choice of such places for their
pews as by this vestry they are empowered to take.

A Desire was expressed by the Vestry that Divine Service should be conducted
in the Church on Wednesday Evening during the winter.

The Reader, Mr Facey, agreed to hold the said service and the Clergyman gave
his assent thereto and said that these Services should begin first
Wednesday in January and continue weather permitting until after Easter or
to about the middle of April.

Meeting closed with prayer by the Minister

                        Walter R: Smith

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