A Meeting was held in the School Room on the 20th of Feby 1882 of which
Due notice was given during Divine Service on the Sunday Previous by the
Revd W R Smith

In which it was Proposed by William Beston of Mark, Seconded by Joseph Penny
of Rich & carried unanimously that there be 250 ft of Pine Board got for the
purpose of ceiling the Church Tower & also some Paint & Oil for the Church

Meeting conducted by the Church Wardens: Wm Penny (Robt), Jacob Penny Rich

Names of Members in attendance:

Wm Penny (late Samuel)
Mark Penny (John of John)
Abram  "      "       "
Arthur "      "       "
Joseph "      "       "
Joseph Penny (Rich)
Wm Beston (Mark)
Samuel "     "
John   "     "
Peter Penny
Wm Penny Senr
Joseph Penny (late Jas)
Rueben [sic] Penny (Robt)
Francis Penny (John Senr)
Wm Penny         "    "
George Penny (Rich)
Isaac Penny
James Penny (Cath)
Joseph Batson (Wm)
Archd Beston
Henry Geo Beston

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