Jany 27th 1882

The Annual Vestry meeting of St. Silas' Church English Harbor, of which due
notice was given by the Minister during Divine Service on the previous
Sunday was held at seven oclock pm on Friday January Twenty seventh A.D. 1882
in the Church of England School House at English Harbor.

With the hearty permission of the Minister, the women of the congregation were
admitted as visitors but not permitted to speak or vote.  We are glad to note
that a large number of ladies attended.

Meeting opened with prayer.

Rev Walter R: Smith Presiding

   Mr Facey Lay Reader
   Mr Jacob Penny Church Warden
   Mr Wm Penny Deputy Warden
Wm Bestone (Mark),
John Wells Penny,
Reuben Penny (Saml),
[no forename given, or else the "Saml" above belongs here] Bestone (Mark),
Wm Penny (John [looks like "Sen"]),
Joseph Bestone (Wm),
George Well (Jas),
Peter Penny (Wm [looks like "Sr"]),
Joseph Penny (Jn of Jno),
Wm Bestone (Wm),
John Bestone (Joseph),
Mark Penny (Jno of Jno),
George Ford (George),
Charles Penny (Saml),
Arthur Penny (John of John),
John Bestone (Mark),
Henry George Bestone (Jno of Mark),
Archibald Bestone (Joseph),
Albert Penny (John),
Wm Bestone (Joseph),
Joseph Ivamy (Wm),
James Penny (Catharine),
Richard Penny Senr,
John Wells (Mark),
William Penny (Senr),
Solomon Penny,
Wm Bestone (John),
Joseph Penny (Jas of Richd),
["Isral" or "Isaac"] Penny (Saml of Wm),
Alexander Penny (Joseph),
John Bestone (James),
Richard Penny (Jno),
Francis Penny (John),
Wm Penny (Saml),
Thomas Wells (Mark),
James Ford (George),
Wm Ivamy (Wm),
Robert Penny (Kate),
Samuel [looks like "R Wells"] (Jas),
Robert Ivamy (Wm),
Robert Wells,
Mark Penny (John of John),
George Penny (Richd),
John Penny (John Sr),
Samuel Penny Sr,
Wm Penny (Jas of Wm),
Joseph Penny (Sexton)

50 in all.

Church Wardens accounts read
shewing in oil for light-account a balance in hand of one shilling and
one penny. in general account 1/9 to which add a gain of 3/- on fish
contributions sold and 3/6 now paid by the minister as remainder of
amount due by him for his share of payment for 2 iron rods for the

                                    s d
        Total general account       1 1
        Balance Oil account         8 3
                Grand Total:        9 4

Proposed by Joseph Penny Sexton
Seconded by John Bestone (Mark) and carried unanimously
That the Church Wardens accounts as now read be adopted.

The Almighty having taken to Himself on New Year's Day the soul
of our beloved brother Mr Mark Bestone the Peoples Warden it was proposed
by the Minister and seconded by Mr William Penny Senr and carried
unanimously and with the greatest sincerity.
That the heartiest sympathy of the Vestry is hereby given to the widow and
friends of our late warden in their afflication and this vestry hereby
expresses its high appreciation of the Christian conduct at all times
of Mr Mark Bestone & of the exemplary manner in which he performed his
duty while warden of this Church.

Proposed by John Bestone (Mark)
Seconded by Archibald Bestone
and carried unanimously
That the Deputy Church Warden Mr William Penny (Robt) be Peoples Warden
for the next two years.

The account of days labour given to the Church Tower during the past year was
read by the Minister and approved.

The list of subscribers towards the Sexton's pay was read when only 49
persons were found to have paid & therefore only 24/6 was received by the
Sexton as his yearly stipend instead of 30/- as agreed upon when he took
The Sexton agreed to continue in office for another year on condition that
the congregation made up his stipend.  The minister earnestly exhorted the
vestry to do this.  Mr Archibald Bestone volunteered and was appointed to
collect this year the Sexton's salary.

The Clergyman then read the list of those members of the congregation
who hauled firewood gratis for the Lay Reader last winter. names as
follows each hauled one slide load

[several blank lines follow]

Thirteen slide loads in all.

The Minister remarked that it was very creditable to those who had thus
exerted themselves for the benefit of the Lay Reader and that it was the
duty of all men in the congregation to do their part in this matter & not
to leave it to a few.

Proposed by John Bestone Mark
Seconded by Joseph Bestone
That on a certain day to be chosen by them during this winter each of the
Church Warden's take charge of a crew and summon as many men of the
congregation as they can get to go into the woods and haul firewood
and procure some Rails & Posts for fencing for Mr Facey.
Carried unanimously.

The Minister then read the account of the peoples' offerings the past
year towards the support of the Clergyman and payment of the Lay Reader
        Total Collection for Minister   19 1 8 [a pound sign preceeds the 19]
        Payment of Reader                6 0 0
                Grant Total             25 1 8 [a pound sign preceeds the 25]
This amount was adopted by the meeting.

Proposed by William Bestone (Mark)
Seconded by William Penny Senr
That the Collection for the Clergyman and payment of the Lay Reader by made
this year in the same manner as last year.
Carried nemine contradicente.

Some discussion then arose in reference to the allotment of pews in the space
now made vacant by the removal further west of the Font
platform & by alteration in reference to the entrance o the West Gallery.
The following names were given in as of persons desirous of obtaining these

James Penny (James ["James" is overwritten in pencil with "Catharine" and "Wm"]),
Wm Penny (John),
Arthur Penny (Jno of Jno),
Joseph Ivamy,
Samuel Wells,
Isaac Penny,
William Bestone (Joseph),
and Henry George Bestone (John of Mark).
Eight in all.

It seemed to be the opinion of all present tht those members of the
congregation who have no seats and who had been working about
[looks like "or paying"] to the Church all the time that the
enlargements & alterations & repair of the building has of late years
been going on had the best right to the seats and to take first choice
of the same.  But the hour being late, and information as to who these
were, which could only be obtained by reference to the Church building
account for several years past not being at hand
Decision on the matter was deferred until another meeting of the vestry
which if necessary could be specially summoned for that purpose.
It was agreed unanimously that James Penny s of late Wm take the first
choice of these seats.

The meeting then closed by singing the Evening Hymn & with prayer said
and the Blessing pronounced by the Chairman.

                        Walter R: Smith
                        Assistant Minister
                        Trinity East

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