A Meeting was held in the the Schoolroom on the
["24th day January" was first written but overtop it appears to be
written "31th day February"... I'm guessing that February 3rd is
intended] 1881, in which it was agreed to get 500 feet of
Prime Pine Board for the purpose of Ceiling the Tower of St Silas
Church, English Harbour.

Twenty Five members Present as under

Mark Beston, Jacob Penny Churchwardens conducted the meeting
Archibald Beston
Joseph Penny of Rich
John Wills Penny
Joseph Beston of Wm
John Beston of Mark
Wm Beston of     "
Samuel Beston of "
Henry Geo Beston
Frank Penny of Jno
Sandy Penny of Jno
Albert Penny of "
Peter Penny
Joseph Penny of Jno Jno
Abram Penny of   "   "
Mark Penny of    "   "
Wm Penny of James
Robt Wells of Mark
Charles Penny of Samuel
Isaac Penny
Wm Penny of Robt
Rueben Penny  "
Wm Penny of Samuel
Wm Beston of Jno

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