Feby 19th 1880

A vestry meeting in connection with St. Silas' Church English Harbor of
which due notice was given during Divine Service on the previous day
was holden in the Church of England School Room at English Harbor at three p m
on Monday February nineteenth AD 1880

Rev Walter R: Smith in the Chair
The meeting opened with Prayer

Present, Rev WR Smith [I'm not sure if his name is followed by a title or if it is "& Missus"],
Joseph Penny & Archibald Bestone Ch: wardens
and James, Jacob & George Penny (Richard),
John Penny (late George),
Wm & Peter Penny (of Wm),
Alexander, Francis, Joseph & William Penny (John),
Abraham Penny (John of John),
James Penny (Catharine),
Samuel Penny of Charles,
Charles Penny of Samuel,
John, Wm, Mark & Saml Bestone (late Mark),
Joseph Bestone (Wm),
John Bestone (Joseph),
John Barnes,
George Ford,
James Ford (of George),
Wm, Robert, John & Thomas Wells (late Mark),
and Robert Facey Schoolmaster.
Thirty-one in all.

The Church Wardens accounts for the past year were then read & on motion
of Mr Jno Bestone (Mark), seconded by Mr Wm Bestone (late Mark) were
passed unanimously.

An acct of Board & Clapboard supplied by the Congregation for the
completion of the Tower was then read & corrected by the vestry.

Proposed by Mr Jno Bestone seconded by Mr James Penny & carried
unanimously that Mr Joseph Penny be reelected Peoples Warden.

The Minister then chose Mr Archibald Bestone as Parsons Warden.

Proposed by Mr James Penny seconded by Mr Church Warden Penny
carried nem con that 750 feet of
good board be provided for ceiling the Tower & vestry and that
fifteen pence a man be collected to pay for the same.

Mr Robert Facey School Master was then unanimously requested by the
vestry to Read in the Church for a time on trial and he consented to do so.

Proposed by Mr Jno Bestone (Mark) seconded by Mr Wm Penny & carried
nem con That the Church Wardens shall call
on Mr John Collis, lately a school teacher here and a Lay Reader,
and demand from him in the name of the Vestry some Sermons & a
[looks like "Concertence"] which is now in his possession and which is
the property of St. Silas' Church English Harbour.

Proposed by Mr William Penny and seconded by Mr Churchwarden Bestone
and carried with acclamation
That every fall the value of two days labour on the Roads be given
[by ?] every adult Churchman towards the support of the Clergyman
and Lay Reader, the Lay Reader to receive Six (6) pounds currency per
annum out of the ["same" or "said"] contributions and the balance
go to the Clergyman.

The Meeting closed with Prayer and the Blessing by the Chairman

                                Walter R: Smith
                                Minister & Chairman

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