A Vestry Meeting was held in the School room at English Harbour at half
past six oclock in the evening of the 17th of November 1878 and was
convened by the Minister of Trinity East by public notice given in
the Church the same day in time of Divine worship

The Pewholders present were as follows

William Beston (Mark) Ch Warden
Archibald Beston (Joseph)
John Beston (Joseph)
Joseph Beston (late Wm)
Joseph Penny (Richard)
George Forde Senr
William Penny (John
Arthur Penny (John
Samuel Beston (Mark
John Beston (Mark
William Penny Senr
George Penny (late Robert
James Penny (Richard
William Penny (late Robert
George Penny (Richard
Peter Penny (Wm
James Penny (Cathrine
Alexander Penny (John
Mark Beston (Mark

In all nineteen pewholders

The accounts of the church wardens had been read over previously at a
meeting of Church members held in the Church on the 8th November instant

Proposed by John Beston (Mark
seconded by William Beston (Mark
1. That Joseph Penny (Richard) be chosen and appointed by this meeting to be
   the congregation's churchwarden for next twelvemonth
   unanimously agreed to

2. It was agreed by a large majority of the Meeting that a Petition be sent
   to the Rural Dean of Trinity Bay for a License from the Bishop
   appointing John Sabbin Collis to be the Reader of the Church of
   Saint Silas of this harbour.

3. The Minister announced to the meeting that he had chosed and appointed
   Archibald Beston (Joseph) to be the Minister's Churchwarden for the
   next twelvemonth

The meeting was opened and closed with prayers by the Reverend Benjamin Smith
who presided in the chair

                Signed by
                Benjamin Smith,
                Minister of Trinity East
                  and Rural Dean

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