[the follow collection appears to have taken place in 1890]

Feamals Collection for stove

Mrs  Kathern Ford                       .05
Miss Mary Jan Sweetland                 .50
Miss Isabella Penny                     .10
Mrs  H G Batson                         .50
Mrs  Wm Batson Wm                       .50
Mrs  Johanna Penny lt John              .20
Mrs  Eliza Penny                        .20
Mrs  Mallah Batson                      .05
Mrs  Archbld Batson                     .05
Mrs  Joseph Batson                      .05
Mrs  Thomas Wills                       .20
Mrs  Robert Wills                       .20
Mrs  Albert Penny                       .20
Mrs  Samuel Wills                       .15
Mrs  Charles Penny                      .10
Mrs  Ruben Penny                        .40
Mrs  Isaac Penny                        .20
Mrs  Metilda Penny                      .20
Miss Lucy Barnes                        .20
Mis  Selina Jane Penny                  .50  [yes, it says "Mis"]
Mrs  Wm Wills                           .20
Mrs  John Wills Penny                   .20
Mrs  Lucy Batson                        .10
Miss Amy An Batson                      .20
Mrs  Joseph Penny lt Rich               .20
Mrs  Alex Penny Josh                    .60  [I assume "Josh" means "Joseph"]
Mrs  James Ford                         .10
Mrs  Wm Ivamy                           .20

[the following additional entries appear on the next page,
 following the Nov 30/90 quarterly collection]

Mrs  Jacob Penny                        .40
Mrs  John Barnes                        .20
Miss Pemellia [unclear]                 .10  [there are two surnames written atop one another.
                                              one looks like Ford, the other might be Ivamy]

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