The following poem was authored by my grandmother's brother Bramwell Quinton of Charleston, and sent to me by Neal Tremblett. It was printed in a newspaper, presumably The Clarenville Packet... I'm not sure what the publication date was, although somebody has written "April 15th, 1979" on the newspaper clipping.

Thirty Pieces of Silver

Thirty pieces of silver what a price they did pay
For the life of our Saviour who died on that day
No wonder he tried to retract that sad deed
But too late - to his conscience, he would give no heed.
It was Satan who caused this disciple to stray
From the flock that he worshiped with day after day
No record is there if he counted the cost
How his friends would be hurt or his soul would be lost.

He listed to Satan on that fateful day
No promise from Satan on how he would pay
But we read in the Bible the payment he got
When filled with remorse how his own life he took.
Thirty pieces of silver, can we ever forget
As down through the ages, we hear these words yet.
Judas Iscariot - he received on that day
Thirty pieces of silver for the one he'd betray.

I have sinned by betraying this innocent man
Were the words that he said as he stood there in shame
The money he scattered all over the floor
His head bowed with shame as he went through the door.
The Scriptures records that his life he did take
What a price he did pay for that fatal mistake
This should be a warning for mankind today
When Our Lord we betray there's a price we must pay!

Bramwell B. Quinton
Charleston, B.B.

[no date appears on the newspaper clipping, but somebody has
written "April 15th 1979" on it]

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