The following poem was authored by my grandmother's brother Bramwell Quinton of Charleston, and sent to me by Neal Tremblett. It was printed in a newspaper, presumably The Clarenville Packet, although the publication date isn't known.

Harvest Home

We thank thee for the harvest given
The season yield of fruit and grain
May we direct our thoughts to Heaven
With grateful hearts we thee acclaim.

Thou God on high, who givest all
We offer up our prayer to Thee
In thankfulness we on thee call
When we they many blessings see.

Thou from they Heavenly throne on high
The earth and all there in surveys
We are secure for Thou art nigh
Our guardian through all our days.

May thy great name be magnified
As we in awe to thee draw near
And may we in they love abide
And cast on thee our every care.

Ruler Divine of land and sea
Who holds the nations in thine hand
We offer up our praise to thee
Throughout the earth in every land.

Thy promises they will remain
When eartly things they are no more
Enthroned on high thou art the same
Thy majesty we now adore.

Note: Above may be sund from UC Hymnary
No. 530. Tune Melcombe L.M.
No. 3 Ang - Book of Common Prayer

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