The following poem was authored by my grandmother's brother Bramwell Quinton of Charleston, and sent to me by Neal Tremblett. It was printed in a newspaper, presumably The Clarenville Packet, although the publication date isn't known.

Just a Word of Cheer

As we upon another year embark
May we resolve to have a change of heart
May we look back upon the year that's past
And try to remedy some shadow we have cast
On some poor soul by some unkindly deed
May we in this New Year give help to someone who may need
Just a kind word for someone who may plead
for words of cheer.

It is so easy unkind words to say
To someone we may cross on life's highway
It is so easy just to turn away
From someone who may crave a word of cheer
But oh so often we have failed to share
our brothers' griefs and show them that we care
And we their burdens have not helped to bear
By words of cheer.

We are so busy every passing day
Grasping for things which soon may pass away
We overlook the part that we should play
In life's great dialogue the things that we could say
O may we with the start of this new year
Resolve that with each other we will share
Each joy and sorrow and help their burdens bear
With words of cheer.

This sick old world much brighter it would be
If our mistakes and wrongs we all would see
If we are faults would rectify that we
May be a guiding light to someone in distress
And cheer some soul who in their loneliness
May have their spirits lifted by some thoughts or deed
Displayed by us in this their hour of need
With words of cheer.

If we resolve a smile to give along the way
To those we meet while on this earth we stay
And do some deed to brighen up their day
It's then and only then we'd happier be
But some folks they just do not seem to see
That happiness can come from just a smile
A pleasant chat for just a little while
Kind words to cheer.

May resolutions made by us both far and near
Remain unbroken, throughout the coming year
And may we learn to cast our every care
On Him who sees the little Sparrows fall
And hears from heaven His children when they call
And may we all our brother's keeper be
The people God intended we should be
With words of cheer!

Composed and arranged by Bramwell B. Quinton
Charleston, B.B., January 4, 1980.

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